GOP Congressman from Florida – “Felony For Publishing Houses Producing Pornographic Content to Minors”

Cory Mills, the Congressman-elect from Florida’s 7th congressional district formerly hed by J6 hoaxer Stephanie Murphy, told Real America’s Voice News earlier this week that he plans on filing legislation to make it a felony for publishing houses pushing hyper-sexualized and pornographic content to minors.

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Like millions of American parents who want their children to evade political, social, or sexual manipulation in our nation’s public schools, Mills has seen the problem and wants to fix it before it seeps into our local Florida communities. 

This Gateway Pundit journalist exposed how the filthy pornographic book “Gender Queer” was allowed in Florida’s public schools last October, which resulted in a hacking attempt and widespread coverage from the mainstream media that it was part of a “book burning” plot.

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These are the very same books that local school boards are pushing on underage youth.

“Publishing houses that distribute this pornographic material to children should be held accountable like any other circumstance a person or entity disseminates pornographic material to minors.

This legislation will not only do that, but provide the framework to charge others involved in the distribution process,” said Congressman Mills.

The fight over what schoolchildren have access to without parental consent has been a controversy sweeping the nation over the past few years.

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Mills continued by explaining that he wants a rating process for these books that is similar to how we are able to review movies.

“Parents should be able to easily see whether or not a book is appropriate for their school aged children and if it should be accepted into their libraries.”

While most of the outrage directed at the sexualization of our children has been geared towards exposing the problem, Mills’ legislation would provide a framework for stopping the perversion before it finds a way into local schools.

“The schools are to educate our children and not to indoctrinate or sexualize our children with their radical or perverse ideologies,” concluded Mills.

A former DOD appointee under President Trump to advise on national security matters, Mills is a combat veteran, who angered the mainstream media and liberal activists during his campaign when he released an ad highlighting how he produced non-lethal ammunition to counter BLM / Antifa protests during the so called “Summer of Love”.

Mills responded to the hurricane devastation in Florida by readying his own relief operation, on his own dime and time.

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The Congressman-elect sent rattled the Deep State when he appeared at a press conference along with members of the Freedom Caucus stating that there should be no more funds from the United States for Ukraine.

Mills is a combat veteran with a Bronze Star that served several combat missions during the War on Terror, but recognizes the need to end the endless foreign wars costing American blood and draining our coffers.

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Says Mills:

“As elected officials, we are stewards of the American taxpayer’s money and they deserve transparency. We must control the out of control inflationary spending. If we have billions to spend, it should be on securing the border, protecting Americans from the deadly Fentanyl poisoning our communities, and taking better care of our veterans,” said Mills.




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