GO TIME? Military Deploy in Brazil – “Martial Law Coming Next Week”

Search GETTR under #sosffaa or #sosforcasarmadas to follow the military build-up in real-time

Military vehicles have been spotted mobilizing in Brazil as President Bolsonaro met with military leaders at a ceremony to promote new generals in Brazilía Thursday. “Martial law is coming next week”, says Brazil observer Matt Tyrmand.  Elon Musk noted Twitter may have interfered with Brazilian elections.

“I have sources on the ground saying that the reservists are being activated right now, starting yesterday in smaller and mid-size cities,” journalist Matthew Tyrmand told Steve Bannon on Dec. 2. “You can already see videos of tanks being transported to strategic points and chokeholds around the country. I think by next Wednesday or Thursday, (the Generals) are going to put a letter in front of Bolsonaro and say, sign this and activate us. We believe we have to act right now, according to the constitution, and go after these (voting) machines, arrest these judges, and then the house of cards will fall.”

More and more videos seem to show heavy armor, howitzers and APCs deploying throughout Brazil.


Millions of Brazilians have been calling for the Army to intervene accoring to Article 142 of the Brazilian consitution to stop Communist convicted criminal Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva from becoming President with the backing of the drug cartels and the CCP.


There are unconfirmed reports of armed forces deploying in cities:

Police and military vehicles in Juíz de Fora in southeastern Brazil:


More images are available on GETTR:

While most videos show heavy armor being piggybacked, some show fully crewed and combat-ready APCs.

If the military really deploys to stop the steal by convicted criminal Lula da Silva, they will certainly have the backing of the Brazilian people. No Lula sympathizers have been seen for a month, ever since millions of Brazilians started protesting after the stolen Oct. 30 all-digital “elections”.


Three separate reports have found that the elections could not be verified, since many of the voting machines cannot be audited. The military audit required by law could not be completed because the pro-Lula Electoral Court refuses to turn over the source code of the machines. Lula da Silva is a convicted criminal who spent two years in jail for corruption in the massive “Car Wash” scandal before his own Supreme Court nominees vacated the charges, to allow him to run.

As if to spite the Brazilian people, the Supreme Court yesterday also vacated corruption charges against Lula crony André Vargas, also imprisoned for three years in the Car Wash Affair, to allow him to join the Communist coup.

Indigenous tribesmen protesting for democracy and against election fraud occupied the airport in Brasiliá. Cultural imperialist mainstream media are ignoring the indigenes‘ pleas for sovereignty and showing their true racism.

On “Bolsonaro TV“, a video showed President Jair Bolsonaro praising the military anti-communist takeover of 1964. UPDATE: “Bolsonaro TV” has been suspended overnight!

On Thursday, President Jair Bolsonaro met with the top brass in Brasilía for a ceremony to install new Generals:

Friday evening, the corrupt Supreme Court struck down President Bolsonaro’s suit to censure cheating Chief Justice Alexandre de Moraes, who is behind the fraud and manipulations.

Lula wants to invite Venezuelan dictator Nicolás Maduro to his inauguration, but a regulation issued by President Bolsonaro prevents the Venezuelan tyrant from entering the country, Brazil in English reports.

Elon Musk chimed in, discussing with Australian journalist Avi Yemeni, raising the possibility Twitter had interfered in Brazilian elections:


Matthew Tyrmand and Steve Bannon on “War Room”:



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