FAKE NEWS FAILING: The Washington Post Has Lost 500K Subscribers Since Biden Took Office

Pushing fake news is bad for business.

The Washington Post has lost 500,000 subscribers since Joe Biden took office.

In 2021, The Washington Post had 3 million subscribers – that number dropped to 2.5 million in 2022.

This has led to The Washington Post also seeing a decline in revenue – they are not expected to make a profit this year.

The Washington Free Beacon reported:

Former president Donald Trump often said he was “the best thing to ever happen” to the Washington Post and other mainstream news outlets.

He was right.

The Wall Street Journal reports that the Jeff Bezos-owned publication has lost 500,000 subscribers since Trump left office in January 2021, which amounts to a decline of roughly 20 percent. The Post is on track to lose money in 2022 after years of profitability. The New York Times reported in August that the Post‘s business has “stalled” since President Joe Biden was sworn in, and layoffs are being discussed amid management’s frustration with “numerous low performers in the newsroom.”

The paper’s animosity towards conservatives is likely one of the factors that is leading to the paper’s decline.

Conservatives don’t want to read fake news.

Red State reported:

That is – stark. 500,000 readers have vaporized in the past two years. It underscores in hard numbers the kind of challenge being faced across the media spectrum. Now certainly, there are a number of factors leading to this type of audience flight. The economy looms, the advertising sector has been collapsing, and the widening diversification in media continues. But WaPo has also been exacerbating this demise. You do not lose half a million subscribers over that period if you are putting out enough quality to retain interest.

Consistently, this paper has been antagonistic to a sector of its audience. The national paper located within the nation’s capital has made it rather clear it harbors an animous towards Republicans/conservatives, so the motivation from that sector to continue funding the insults and attacks is diminished. Then you have the rather apparent antagonism towards journalism ethics.

This is the paper that has allowed Taylor Lorenz to run rampant this year. It is home to the laughably facts-averse fact-checker Glenn Kessler. It claims to have balanced editorial perspectives by retaining Democrats-in-conservative-clothing columnists Jennifer Rubin and Max Boot. It continues to pretend Philip Bump is a reasoned and cerebral source of commentary.

When will the media learn and start giving conservatives fair coverage? 

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