FAIR? US Women’s Soccer Team Receives Over $6 Million Because US Men’s Team Advanced At The World Cup

The United States Men’s National Soccer Team will be splitting their winnings with the US Women’s team (USWNT) after their win against Iran.

The men’s team earned at least $13 million by winning the game – the women’s team is set to receive over $6.5 million of that.

This payout is higher than the last two World Cups won by the USWNT.

In 2015, USWNT earned $2 million and in 2019 they earned $4 million.

Outkick reported:

By advancing to the knockout stage, the USMNT earned a payout of at least $13 million. Only half of that money will go to the men’s side while the USWNT will get the other half.

To put things into perspective, the USWNT has won each of the last two women’s World Cups. In 2015, the American women earned $2 million, and another $4 million for winning it all in 2019.

So, the USWNT earned more money ($6.5 mil) by simply watching the men’s side beat Iran than it did by becoming back-to-back world champs.

The reason for this is a settlement that was reached back in February between the USWNT and the U.S. Soccer Federation.

The settlement guaranteed equal pay between the women’s team and the men’s team and even gave back pay to players.

The Washington Post reported:

Members of the U.S. women’s national team reached a settlement with the U.S. Soccer Federation on Tuesday that will guarantee equal pay with the men’s team and offer players millions in back pay, ending a six-year fight in a gender discrimination case that resonated through American sports and beyond.

The $24 million settlement, $22 million of which will go to the players behind the suit, was effectively an admission that U.S. Soccer had not paid its women’s team equally. It won praise from prominent figures — including President Biden, who called the case a “long overdue victory in the fight for equal pay” in a tweet Tuesday.

The women’s team will earn even more money if the men’s team beats the Netherlands.

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