EXCLUSIVE: Ray Epps J6 interview Reveals He Had Dinner AZ Acquaintance Night on Jan. 5 – Epps Told Him to Storm the US Capitol on January 6

On Thursday the sham January 6 Committee released a slew of interviews that took place over the past two years.

The Committee released their interview with Ray Epps.

Ray Epps has never been arrested for directing the crowds into the US Capitol on January 6.

Ray Epps was not arrested for hurling a massive Trump sign at police.

During the interview Ray Epps admitted he orchestrated the break-in and was in the front.

WEIRD? Ray Epps J6 Committee Testimony Released: Admitted “I Was in the Front … I Also Orchestrated It” – Is Still a Free Man and Was Ignored in Final Report

Journalist Jason Beale later studied Ray Epps’s testimony before the January 6 Committee that was released on Thursday.

Jason pointed out the strange admission by Ray Epps that he had dinner with a local Arizona activist Paul Carver who he only met once and who agreed to meet with him on January 5th.

Halfway through the Ray Epps interview transcript and holy shit @RepKinzinger and @RepAdamSchiff need to explain what motivated them and staff to question him like defense lawyers questioning their client. If the reason ISN’T that he was working for a government agency then…

…whatever the other reason is must be a fucking doozy, because they repeatedly lead him away from danger and into the most implausible excuses and explanations of his actions. Once they lead him to the answer they need on the record to keep him out of trouble, they…

…immediately accept it, however implausible and begging for objective follow-up, and move on to the next “right wing talking point” they need him to find a way to rebut. Epps out on the street Jan 5th telling everyone he may get arrested for saying it but everybody needs to…

…”go into the capitol tomorrow”?

Epps’ explanation: Oh I was just trying to calm everyone down. Probably shouldn’t have said it but I’m the kind of guy who likes to make sure everyone’s safe.

Kinzinger and Co.: Roger that – moving on…

Oh hey, and that phone call…

…Epps received earlier on Jan 5th from that guy he met one time at a VFW in Arizona but didn’t really remember who happened to be in DC as well and Epps agreed to go to dinner with despite having no idea who he was? Epps said he thought his name was Carver or something? And…

…nobody on the committee – not a soul – wanted to ask Epps why he’d meet a stranger for dinner or what they talked about or why Paul Carver was in DC – you know, basic interrogatives? Is it this Paul Carver?

Because if is this Paul Carver the committee would have known it before the interview and would have to have a compelling reason not to explore Epps’ relationship with the 3% Militia guy who somehow found out that the guy he met once at a VFW in Arizona was in DC (when Epps…

…describes his presence as a last minute decision) and thought it important enough to reach out to him to arrange a meeting over dinner to discus…what? The weather back in AZ? That one time they bonded over bingo at the VFW?

On Saturday The Gateway Pundit’s Jordan Conradson spoke with Paul Carver about this curious admission during Ray Epps’s testimony.

Peter Carver told this TGP reporter that he barely knew Epps but that during dinner Ray Epps urged him to storm the US Capitol on January 6th.

Peter Carver: Caught up with Ray… The three of us caught a bite. We talked about the things that we’d seen on the 5th… He was telling me that he was pretty sure that we should be going into the Capitol the next day.

The Jan. 6 Committee never reported this.

They weren’t interested in arresting Ray Epps for some strange reason. It is pretty clear now why Epps was never apprehended.

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