Dolly Parton Stops Mid-Song on Christmas Special to Deliver a Stunning Rebuke to the Devil

Perhaps one of the devil’s best schemes to dupe the unbeliever is to attempt to convince humanity that he isn’t real.

Bringing the reality of his existence into the light is hardly a new idea.

Perhaps one of the most notable authors who has worked to do so is C.S. Lewis, in his book “The Screwtape Letters.” In a nutshell, Lewis’ story is about a more experienced demon training up a less experienced one for effective ways to bring a person into bondage so they can eventually be drug to hell.

Singer Dolly Parton’s song, “Go to Hell,” seems to have a focus of helping the listener understand that not only is there a real devil that wants to kill, steal and destroy each and every person on the planet, but also that those who have a personal relationship with Jesus have the power to rebuke and overcome the attacks of the enemy on their life, even as they walk in the plans and purposes that God has for them.

Parton decided to share this song as a part of her Christmas special, “Dolly Parton’s Mountain Magic Christmas” on NBC on Nov. 1, according to CBN.

Parton tends to boldly speak out about her Christian faith and is quite happy to incorporate it into her work.

It is rather admirable that she makes efforts to use her platform as a country entertainer to express her faith and witness the truths in God’s Word.

“I just feel like that it was time for me to do another special like this, with good music, with comedy, with meaningful things,” Parton told People.

“And to kind of make you feel entertained for a couple hours just to get away from everything else.”

At the same time, the 76-year-old entertainer also said that her focus was to, “make people happy and touch them, make them think and feel better about things.”

She added, “At the end of the show, I want them going way feeling like, ‘I’ve been to a service of some kind. I feel better about myself and about my life.'”

And there is certainly a place in the middle of the song that can leave the audience going away with that feeling.

“My brothers and my sisters: I’m here to tell you that Satan is real! He is real and walking around amongst us, trying to destroy everything that’s good and beautiful,” Parton exhorted.

She went on to articulate that the enemy wants to, “break our hearts and minds, destroy our dreams and plans. He wants to tear us up in little pieces, break us down and send us straight to hell!”

She further declared during the song that our God is able to “do anything,” even heal the sick, mend hearts and bring souls to heaven.

When asked what makes her decide to take on a project, Parton said, “If I feel it’s a good thing to do and the right thing to do, and that I can devote the kind of time and energy to it that I should. If it’s something I believe in, I’ll work till I fall over.”

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.


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