Brazil Federal Police Raid 80 Bolsonaro Supporters: “It is Going to Get Ugly”

Deputy Assumção protesting his silencing

Corrupt Chief Justice Alexandre de Moraes has issued 80 arrest warrants against Bolsonaro supporters and sent Federal Police to raid them, upholding fines against Bolsonaro’s Party while striking down charges against the Supreme Court. Mass protests are again scheduled for the weekend.

Bolsonaro supporters were out in masses again outside Army bases, calling for the Military to intervene, such as outside the Southeast Command HQ in Ibirapuera, São Paulo:

Protestors outside Southeast Command asked an unidentified officer if there was reason to hope for a Military intervention.

The officer answered: “Every hope.”

Videos showed troop and armor movements, including in Uberlandia in Minas Gerais state.
A video from the Venezuelan border seemed to show massive troop mobilization in the middle of the night on Dec. 14.

After the false flag fedsurrection operation on Monday, Supreme Court Chief Justice Alexandre de Moraes ordered the Federal Police to execute 80 warrants, searches and seizures, as well as bank seizures against Bolsonaro supporters in 7 states, in what Jornal de Cidade calls a “Mega-Operation”. Antagonista reports 100 arrests, allegedly seizing 15 weapons, including 2 rifles and a submachine gun.

Federal Police raided the homes and offices of Delegates Captão Assumção and Carlos Von and banned them from using social media.

Assumção posted a photo with his mouth taped shut, writing  “URGENT: Federal Police are in my house and in my office, at the behest of Alexandre de Moraes. I committed the terrible crime of FREE THOUGHT.”

Matt Tyrmand spoke to Peter McIlvenna on “Hearts of Oak”:

The Superior Military Court denied charges for the arrest of Chief Justice Alexandre de Moraes, filed by former judge Wilson Issao Koressawa, Antagonista reports.

The vice president of Brazil, retired General Hamilton Mourão, called the protests against the non-auditable, all-electronic elections “legitimate” no matter “how much they try to call them “anti-democratic”.

The Superior Electoral Court, also chaired by Moraes, opened an investigation Wednesday against President Bolsonaro and 8 others, such including delegates Braga Neto, Carla Zambelli, and Bia Kicis, for demanding election integrity.

Speaking on Jovem Pan, Kicis said that Moraes is making himself “the sheriff of the nation” and said she fears losing her mandate as a parliamentarian. “He has people arrested, fined, censored, whatever he wants. That’s all he wants. …  We are at risk of losing our mandates and even being arrested. The situation is very distressing,” Kicis said, who was banned from social meida by order of Moraes along with other Bolsonaro supporters.

Kicis endorsed calls for the military to invoke Article 142 of the Brazilian constitution. “The solution is one the people are asking for on the streets. Article 142 is not a bad word, it is an Article of the Constitution and should be used when the powers are not acting within  constitutional bounds. It does not mean tanks on the street, military dictatorship, military intervention, seizing power. It means enabling the head of one of the branches of government to ask to put things in order again, for the institutions to work.”

Kicis criticized the arbitrary censorship, noting that only Bolsonaro supporters were banned: “They want to shut us up. This escalation of censorship is a very violent thing,” she said. “It is very worrying, because when we talk about democracy, we need to respect popular sovereignty, which is manifested by voting.”

Kicis defended Bolsonaro supporters from accusations of vandalism in Brasilía earlier this week, blaming infiltrators who harmed   peaceful protesters. “People are being arrested because of this. They created a narrative, as if the patriots, who have been on the streets for 4 years had burned buses, tried to storm the police HQ, and endangered people’s lives. It doesn’t matter that we don’t believe it, or what my eyes see, the narrative is what matters. The newspapers keep repeating it,” she said. “The narrative will stick, although we clearly saw it was the Black Bloc, a fully orchestrated action, they did what they did and withdrew. No one was even arrested (on Monday).  … Now, people are being arrested. Lula is taking over the institutions. It is going to get ugly,” Kicis said.

Southeast Military Command posted a video on Monday indicating there is a large mobilization, raising the possibilty of urban warfare.

“Urban combat is one of the scenarios of modern warfare,” the Army wrote. “To keep up to date with doctrine and train our troops in this type of environment, we have an instruction center located in Campinas (Sao Paulo).”

Soldiers from the US 101st Airborne Screaming Eagles are currently deployed in Macapá in Northeastern Brazil for CORE 23 (Combined Operations and Rotation Exercises) in the Garrisons of Macapá and Oiapoque, according to the Brazilian Army.


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