BRAZIL UPDATE: Military Movements Continue – “The Armed Forces Have to Act”

Deputy Colonel Tadeu of the Bolsonaro-allied Liberal Party has accused the Judiciary of “abuse of power”, as Jornal da Cidade reports: “The situation is getting unbearable. The time will come when the Armed Forces have to act, If Brazil starts to become a dictatorship, I believe the Army will act without anyone asking”, Tadeu told JCO TV. “We will not need to ask them to intervene.”

Military movements continue in Brazil:


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Speaking to Steve Bannon, Matt Tyrmand said that “The coup is on Lula’s side. Justice Barroso said, ‘We don’t win elections, we take them. These are Communists.”


By law, Bolsonaro should have left the Presidential Palace 15 days before powers is handed over to Lula on Jan. 1. This did not happen.

The Army, Navy, and Air Force Commanders Lula wants to replace have also remained in position.

Protests continue all over Brazil.

The (pro-Lula) Supreme Court has decided to buy its own APCs

The Armed Forces have begun exercises all over Brazil and signed a national mobilization order.

The Minister of Defense called up the reserves and called for volunteers to join the reserves.

Bolsonaro relocated 300 staffers to the Presidency.

Bolsonaro nominated 12 new diplomats, which the Senate approved.

Bolsonaro transferred many generals and promoted others, strengthening his support.

Bolsonaro authorized huge quantities of gasoline to be bought to fuel tanks and APCs.

The Ministry of Defence expropriated areas reserved for nuclear energy.

The Ministry of Defence signed up companies for the so-called Estado de Mobilization de guerra (mobilization state war).

The Parliament has gone on holiday, so there will not be interference from the Senate.

Lula only has a few days to make deals with the party.

The governor of Rio Grande do Sul broke off his relationship with Lula.

What will happen next?


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