Baseball Hall of Famer’s Daughter Arrested After Leaving Newborn In The Woods On Christmas

The adopted daughter of baseball Hall of Famer Dennis Eckersley was arrested early on Monday after she allegedly left her child in the woods on Christmas day.

Alexandra Eckersley, 26, has been charged with endangering the welfare of a child, second-degree assault, reckless conduct, and falsifying evidence.

According to a police report, Eckersley gave birth to her son in the woods and soon after left her newborn in the freezing cold New Hampshire weather.

After she was apprehended by the Manchester Police Department, she lied about her son’s location but soon revealed the true location of her newborn son.

Police eventually received the true coordinates of the baby and medical professionals retrieved the child inside of a tent in the woods.

The baby would then be transported to a local hospital where he received medical attention.

Police initially responded to the scene after giving up a tip by a local resident at 12:40AM.

Eckersley claims “she had no idea she was pregnant and that she felt she had to use the bathroom.”

Alexandra Eckersley’s adopted father Dennis Eckersley was a closer in the MLB for over 24 years.

Throughout his career Dennis racked up 320 saves with over 525 appearances.


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