Youtube Announces to Actively Censor and Remove Any Dissenting Content About the Election Result Including Voter Fraud Claims in Brazil

Socialist Lula da Silva allegedly defeated Jair Bolsonaro in the election Sunday. On Tuesday morning, Joe Hoft of The Gateway Pundit reported that Brazil is the latest country to have their election stolen using the “Drop and Roll” method of electoral fraud.

The election in Brazil is very similar to the 2020 Presidential Election in the US. Like President Trump in 2020, the conservative candidate Bolsonaro’s party picked up numerous lower house seats and governorships across the country. It was a conservative wave, with the exception of the presidential race.

Brazil relies entirely on voting machines for its elections.

Steve Bannon interviewed Mathew Tyrmand on the Brazil election yesterday.  During their discussion, Tyrmand noted the following:

  • Bolsonaro’s party dominated the election and with the other conservative parties, and they will dominate the lower House in Brazil.
  • Bolsonaro was winning the election up to a certain point and then every ballot drop was won by the socialist candidate.  “The math doesn’t make sense at all.” Mathew Tyrmand shared.
  • The Mainstream Media immediately called the election for the socialist.
  • When speaking about events before the election Thyrmand noted, “There’s been no transparency.  There’s been censorship. There have been arrests of opposition.  There’s been penalization from the court to Bolsonaro’s party.”

On Monday, Youtube announced that it will now censor and remove any videos claiming fraud in the election results in Brazil.

“With the presidential election results validated by the TSE, we are updating our Electoral Integrity Policy and will begin to remove content that violates our policy,” Youtube wrote.

“On YouTube, we don’t allow certain types of deceptive content that can cause serious harm. This includes certain types of misinformation that can cause real harm. For example, some types of technically manipulated content and content that interferes with democratic processes,” the company wrote on its support page.

These policies prohibit certain types of content related to free and fair democratic elections. Please do not post election-related content on YouTube that fits any of the descriptions below.

Voter Suppression : Content that is intended to provide incorrect information about the time, location, means or eligibility requirements for voting, or content with false claims that may discourage participation.

Candidate Qualification : Videos that propagate false statements about the technical qualification requirements of political candidates and elected government officials to hold public office. Eligibility requirements considered are based on applicable national law and include age, citizenship and health status.

Inciting the public to interfere in democratic processes : Content that encourages others to interfere in democratic processes. This includes obstructing or interrupting the electoral process.

Distribution of material stolen by hackers : content with stolen information, which, if disclosed, could interfere with democratic processes.

Election Integrity : Content with false claims that fraud, errors, or widespread technical issues have occurred in certain past elections to determine heads of government. Or content that claims the certified results of these elections are fake. This policy currently applies to:

  • any US presidential election;
  • 2021 German Federal Elections;
  • Brazilian presidential elections of 2014, 2018 and 2022.

Matthew Tyrmand said during his interview with Steve Bannon that Jair Bolsonaro will deliver remarks tonight. According to Tyrmand, his contacts are telling him Bolsonaro may invoke the Constitution to demand the military hold an audit of the impossible results.

Bolsonaro may also jail the radical leftist court justices who made it a crime for populist party to campaign effectively.

Bolsonaro is not going quietly.  He is fighting back.

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