“I Will Never, Ever, Forgive These People” – Unhinged Climate Activists Cause Heartbroken Man to Miss His Father’s Funeral

Unhinged activist group Just Stop Oil is at it again with their public tantrums.  In addition to trying to damage historic works of art across Europe, this week, the group has repeatedly targeted roadways in the UK causing headaches and heartaches. 

For the last four days, activists have scaled cranes and blocked roadways on Britain’s M25 causing traffic to come to a standstill and causing chaos, including a crash in which a policeman was injured.

One motorist shared how these public tantrums have real-world consequences for citizens just trying to live their lives.  The road blockage caused him to miss his father’s funeral.

In a radio interview he shared,”By doing this, this civil disruption, you don’t raise people to your cause. You actually alienate yourselves on this. But there’s nothing we could have done. But someone that I don’t know has taken that ability for me to say goodbye to my father away from me. And I actually said a few choice words, as I mentioned, on their Twitter page.”

“Nothing’s come back saying ‘we’re sorry so terribly sorry for what happened.’ And if they did, I would tell them to stick it where the sun doesn’t shine. Because frankly, there’s nothing that these people can say to make it any better in my eyes. And I will never, ever, forgive these people for what they have done to me.”

British Home Secretary Suella Braverman has called on police to crackdown on the disruptors leading to an increase in arrests. One pink-haired  protestor, facing the consequences of her childish actions, cried like a baby when hauled off into a police van while bystanders cheered.

The Daily Mail reports:

A Just Stop Oil protester was filmed ‘crying and screaming’ while being carried into a police van after officers thwarted their attempts to sow chaos on the M25 in Kent this morning.

The eco-zealots- who want to ban new gas and oil extraction licences – have repeatedly targeted dangerous spots on the circular motorway since Monday, with hair-raising images today showing them unfurling signs atop gantries as traffic zooms past below.

They were able to outfox police for a fourth consecutive day on Thursday, despite Home Secretary Suella Braverman’s call for a crackdown, with the disruptors causing closures across the network and leading to arrests in Surrey, London, Essex and Kent.

But it didn’t all go to plan, with one pink-haired eco-warrior filmed wailing as three officers held onto her arms and legs as they calmly transported her to a vehicle in Chevening, Kent, while a cameraman, thought to be from the eco-mob, made sure to record every second.

In a video shared online, residents in the town can be heard clapping and cheering after the plot was foiled as they filmed the scenes from their windows.

Just Stop Oil was, however,  just stopped by fed up motorists in France.

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