SICK: Radical Leftist Katie Hobbs’ Husband Is A Child Therapist Who Specializes In Gender Transitions For CHILDREN – “We Cannot Let This Monster Anywhere Near The Governor’s Office” – Kari Lake

Radical Leftist Arizona Democrat gubernatorial nominee Katie Hobbs’ husband is a child therapist for “transgender children,” according to a new report and lawsuit he was named in.

This is why Katie Hobbs has shown support for youth transgender surgery amid new Arizona laws prohibiting children from receiving permanent gender reassignment surgery and boys from participating in girls’ sports.

The Gateway Pundit reported that Katie Hobbs also voted against legislation amending Arizona Revised Statutes to include our historic national motto and the Arizona State motto in the state’s school curriculum. Instead, Hobbs introduced overly sexual education laws that would begin in the first grade and promote homosexuality in young children.

Arizona Bans Youth Gender Reassignment Surgery And Boys in Girls Sports – Democrats Rally To “Protect Trans Youth”

In March, Democrats in Arizona rallied to “protect trans youth” after Republicans in the Arizona Legislature passed new laws protecting children from permanent gender reassignment surgery and woke gender theory in sports.

SB 1138 will prohibit physicians from performing irreversible gender reassignment surgeries on minors, and SB 1165 will keep biological males out of women’s sports.

Arizona Bans Youth Gender Reassignment Surgery And Boys in Girls Sports – Democrats Rally To “Protect Trans Youth”

At the same time, Katie Hobbs released a vile statement, standing in solidarity with transgender minors.

“My heart goes out to the entire LGBTQ+ community, especially our youth, who are being targeted and discriminated against by their own government, and being denied their freedom of identity,” said Katie Hobbs.

Why would Katie Hobbs support gender mutilation for children?

The Daily Wire reported,

Arizona gubernatorial candidate Katie Hobbs’ husband is a child psychiatrist who was named in an explosive lawsuit brought against the state by the parents of a 10-year-old transgender child in 2020, according to documents reviewed by The Daily Wire.

Patrick Goodman is a psychiatrist on staff at Phoenix Children’s Hospital and specializes “in serving youth and families affected by trauma and grief.” Goodman is also listed on an undated document as a provider in the hospital’s “gender support program” serving “gender diverse” and transgender youth.

The details of Goodman’s work at the medical center are unclear. Phoenix Children’s Hospital did not respond to multiple requests to make Goodman available for an interview.

Hobbs, a Democrat, is facing Republican Kari Lake in the race to replace Republican Governor Doug Ducey, who is term-limited out of office at the end of the year. Hobbs has publicly supported sex change surgeries for minors. In March, she condemned Ducey for signing legislation banning sex change surgeries for minors and blocking biological males from competing in female sports’ leagues.

The hospital that employs Goodman takes a gender affirming approach to the treatment of children diagnosed with gender dysphoria or who identify as a sex different from their biological sex, according to the hospital’s website.

“Every child has a different way of expressing gender and some may express themselves in ways that are different from what we expect. Many gender expansive children are comfortable with the sex they were assigned at birth. However, there are times when a child may assert a gender identity that is different from, or not consistent with, the sex they were assigned at birth. They may also say they’re not comfortable with their physical sex characteristics,” the website says.

The hospital identifies three different categories of gender confused youth. Gender-expansive youth “express a wider, more flexible range of gender identity and/or expression than typically associated with their sex assigned at birth.” Gender questioning youth “are exploring and discovering their gender identities.” Transgender youth is an umbrella term “for children and youth whose gender identity is different from their sex assigned at birth.”

In 2020, the hospital was indirectly involved in a lawsuit brought against the state on behalf of three transgender children. The children’s guardians sued the state to force it to change the birth certificate of each child to reflect the gender each now identifies as, rather than their biological sex. In Arizona, people are allowed to change their birth certificates only after undergoing a sex change operation.

Goodman is identified as a therapist to one of the children involved in the lawsuit, a 10-year-old trans girl identified in court documents as Jane Doe. In one document dated November 9, 2020, Goodman was identified as a potential witness in the case, expected to testify on the child’s treatment. Goodman was to testify in relation to Jane Doe’s request for a preliminary injunction to force the state to change the child’s birth certificate ahead of the start of the school year.

“Patrick Goodman is a therapist at Phoenix Children’s Hospital and Jane Doe’s mental health provider. He is expected to testify regarding his mental health treatment of Jane Doe’s gender dysphoria and opinion regarding Jane’s health and well-being absent injunctive relief,” a court filing states. The case is ongoing and it was not clear if Goodman has taken the stand.

In the case of Goodman’s patient, the boy began “expressing” himself as a girl at “two-and-a-half years old,” according to court documents.

“Jane’s parents initially thought this was a phase, but Jane persisted. Eventually, they brought her to a child psychologist specializing in care for young children with some prior experience with transgender youth, Dr. Beth Onufrak. Dr. Onufrak evaluated Jane over several sessions and concluded that Jane would meet the diagnostic criteria for gender dysphoria,” a filing says.

When it came time for Doe to start second grade, Doe’s parents asked the school to allow their child to attend as a girl. The school agreed, but students recognized Doe. The teasing and bullying lasted for several years before Doe’s parents attempted to enroll their child in a new school where the children wouldn’t know Doe’s history, according to the suit.

“The new school where they would like to enroll her, however, will not enroll Jane as female without a corrected birth certificate,” court documents state. Doe’s parents did not seek medical treatment due to Doe’s age. Under legislation Ducey signed into law this year, Doe cannot legally receive sex-reassignment surgery until age 18.

“Without a corrected birth certificate, Jane will be required to reveal that she is transgender to this new school. That will prevent her from safely moving to another school where she is free from pervasive harassment and bullying that prevent her from learning and cause her further significant emotional harm,” the lawsuit states. “Jane’s parents seek to correct the sex listed on Jane’s birth certificate so that she can enroll in a new school before having to return in person to her current school, but are prevented from doing so because of Arizona’s surgical requirement.”

Litigation in the case remains ongoing. In the latest filings available, the court approved the plaintiffs’ request to compel information from the state on several questions after the plaintiffs filed a new complaint.

If Katie Hobbs were the Governor of Arizona, she would likely overturn the new laws protecting minors from permanent life-altering surgery, helping her husband continue these disgusting practices.

Trump-Endorsed Republican Gubernatorial Nominee Kari Lake exposed this news yesterday at her Arizona First Rally in Ahwatukee, Arizona, and said, “we cannot let this monster anywhere near the governor’s office.”

Lake later said, “If you’re getting rich in politics, you are corrupt as heck.”

Kari Lake also called out the fake news media, saying, “I wonder if the fake news will cover it.”

From Kari Lake’s Arizona First Rally on Thursday:

Lake: They’re going after our kids. I heard something today about Katie Hobbs that absolutely shocked me. First of all, we already know she’s an open-borders person. When she was in the legislature, she voted against a border wall, she voted against a virtual border wall, she voted against the Strike Force to help us protect ourselves from what’s happening at the border. And at the same time all that was going on, we found out that she’s sponsored–Now when you sponsor a bill, you’re putting your name on it. That means you’re super proud of it, right? If you sponsor a bill, you are so proud of this, that you’re putting your name on it. The bill she sponsored was going to introduce sex education starting in kindergarten. That’s what she’s about. Now I’m going to be honest, my father was a public school teacher. God rest his soul. He was a football coach. He taught history and government. I’ll tell you what, he would be shocked at what’s happening in our schools right now. No kindergarten teacher, any teachers in this room? You did not sign up to be a teacher—Thank you, by the way, for your hard work—You didn’t get into teaching probably to get rich, although I do think you need a pay raise and a big one. But you didn’t get into teaching, especially if you’re a kindergarten teacher to talk about sex with five-year-olds, right? This is why we’re losing good teachers. Today, I found out as she’s pushing things like gender affirmation surgery—which is the nice way of saying mutilating our children. You know, she’s for that, right? And she’s for it against mom and dad’s will, behind mom and dad’s back. I learned why today.

We just found out her husband is a child psychologist who specializes in transitions for children. We found this out today. It makes sense now, it makes sense. Why would she push this stuff on our beautiful babies who are perfect? But her husband is making money, brainwashing our children into thinking they can be a different gender than they were born. It is sick, it is twisted, and we cannot let this monster anywhere near the governor’s office, guys. And I wonder if the fake news will cover it. Katie Hobbs’ husband is in the business of transitioning our children into a different gender. Let that sink in. I don’t think they will because you know what? I bet they’re not parents. And there is a force inside a mama bear. And I know many of you know what I’m talking about. And a Papa Bear.

Watch the full rally here.

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