“People Are Scared – Morale Is in the Toilet” – MSNBC Insiders Fearful as Ratings Continue to Collapse at Fake News Giant

Things are not looking good for far-left hosts at MSNBC.

According to a new report morale “is in the toilet” after host Tiffany Cross was let go by the network. Far-left hosts are worried that network executives won’t have their backs.

One insider said that MSNBC is “trying to go straight down the middle.”

Page Six reported:

Morale at the left-leaning network “is in the toilet” and its liberal hosts are now worried about network execs not having their backs because of how Cross was allegedly treated.

“People are scared. The consensus is that [MSNBC president Rashida Jones] is trying to unmake MSNBC and change it into something the right won’t be mad at. What about our core audience?” one insider explained.

Multiple sources told us that as soon as Jones took over in 2021, months after Cross was hired, “she had meetings saying she wanted no snark, no name calling. She seemed particularly disturbed by anyone who said anything negative about Fox News,” the insider added.

Another insider at NBC confirmed Jones’ new direction, telling us, “like CNN, trying to go straight down the middle seems to be what the appetite is. The MSNBC identity is being taken away.”

Although MSNBC’s primetime ratings were not as bad as CNN’s in October, they still trailed far behind Fox News.

Fox News averaged 2.92 million viewers in primetime in October while MSNBC only averaged 1.177 million viewers.

Forbes reported:

Fox News Channel coasted to a first-place finish in the October cable news ratings, sweeping the top five most-watched prime time shows for the month and delivering an average prime time audience of 2.292 million viewers. MSNBC finished second in prime with 1.177 million viewers, followed by CNN, which failed to break one million, delivering just 624,000 viewers (down 6% from the same period last year). Fox News was down just 1% year-over-year, and MSNBC saw a decline of 2%.

Among viewers 25-54—the key demographic most valued by advertisers—Fox News led with 295,000 viewers (down 15% from 2021), followed by CNN (134,000 viewers, down just 3%) and MSNBC (114,000 viewers, with the largest decline among the cable news networks: 20%.)

Fake news isn’t popular anymore…  People don’t like being lied to.

Maybe a couple more junk investigations on President Trump will fix it?

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