“I Am Not Suicidal” – Kari Lake Responds To Hillary Clinton’s Criticism Over Comments About Nancy And Paul Pelosi (VIDEO)

Trump-Endorsed Arizona Gubernatorial Nominee Kari Lake responded to Hillary Clinton accusing her of laughing at Paul Pelosi on Thursday, telling the world, “I’m in perfect health. My brakes on my car are in good shape, and I am not suicidal.”

Many who have been close to the Clinton family have allegedly died mysteriously or “committed suicide” over the years.

This includes Jeffery Epstein, who Bill Clinton partied with on Epstein’s pedophile island. Clinton made at least 27 times trips on Jeffrey Epstein’s private plane. Most of those flights were with underage girls.

The Gateway Pundit reported on a complete list of Clinton associates who died mysteriously or committed suicide before their public testimony. The list contains nearly 50 names.

Here It Is… Complete List of Clinton Associates Who Allegedly Died Mysteriously or Committed Suicide Before Testimony, Including Jeffrey Epstein

The Gateway Pundit reported on the half-naked homeless illegal immigrant named David DePape, who apparently assaulted Paul Pelosi with a hammer inside his home. Pelosi also called DePape his “friend” in a call with 911.

This leaves us with more questions than answers about what happened that night, but given his background, it is clear DePape is not a “MAGA extremist” like the fake news media and the Democrats would have you believe.

Hillary Clinton recently labeled David DePape, a far-left illegal alien from Canada, a Republican “cult member.”

Hillary Clinton Says David DePape is a Member of the Republican Cult (VIDEO)

Yesterday on CNN, Hillary criticized Lake’s comments at her Ask Me Anything Tour, where Lake was asked about how she will increase school safety. Lake responded, “It is not impossible to protect our kids at school. They act like it is. Nancy Pelosi, she’s got protection when she’s in DC. Apparently, her house doesn’t have a lot of protection. But, if our lawmakers can have protection, if our politicians can have protection, if our athletes, then certainly the most important people in our lives, our children, should have protection.”

Lake also suggested that criminal charges need to be delivered to the COVID-19 decision-makers who shut down the state of Arizona, as The Gateway Pundit reported.

Evidently, this was too much for Hillary Clinton, who said this is “sadly a real indicator of where we are in our country right now.” Clinton then accused Lake of laughing at Paul Pelosi’s “attack.”

But anybody who looks at the story of David DePape and Paul Pelosi probably would laugh. This is perhaps the most bizarre occurrence of 2022, and the San Francisco District Attorney refuses to release any of the police bodycam footage or 911 audio.

If this happened to any conservative with no transparency, the left and late-night comedy shows would have a field day!

Lake responded to Clinton’s comments on Hannity yesterday, and it was hilarious.

Lake: I was a little concerned today, I’m going to be honest, when I saw Hillary Clinton bad-mouthing me. She looked angry and actually scared, and just completely unrelated, I want you to know, just in case you’re wondering, I’m in perfect health. My brakes on my car are in good shape, and I am not suicidal. And we’re gonna win this thing on Tuesday.

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