Jon Voight’s Post-Midterm Message: “Wake Up America”

There is still hope for America.

Actor Jon Voight released a powerful message after the midterms telling Americans to “wake up.”

Voight also reiterated his support for Donald Trump being President again. Voight said about Trump, “he and only he can stop this swamp, this deceit, and injustice.”

Video (partial transcript below):

From the video above

It is with great honor that I say God Bless America. Let us all wish this great land a healing from all the unrighteousness that is, that is taking place. My fellow Americans, we’re in danger of a third world war. We as a family of one truth must hear this now. Look at this lie, this deceit, that continues day after day. Can you  not all see this lie? We must all wake up, wake up, because if we don’t see this lie, this land will die. Die in its beauty. Its freedom, its opportunity. It’s supposed to be the land of the free; it’s far from this. It’s a dark web, a dark world, but not for long because, my friends, a change is coming, and a new light will emerge. We must all see this truth and allow justice to take place now. You see, the only way we can win these elections is to see the lies, deceit, and corruption from the left and media and the unknowns. Who know who they are.

Let us all come together and to vote for true justice for all. Let us pray that the one President who understood truths and had the best interest of the American people, the American dream, President Donald Trump will return to the presidency. He and only he can stop this swamp, this deceit, and injustice. My fellow Americans wake up, wake up from this bad dream and bring back life, justice, truth, and the only land that is meant for dreams of goodness. The land of the free, America, the greatest land, the great soil for mankind. The land where heroes fought for their truths and this my friends is where we must see the truth. Allow President Trump to rebuild our soil and our land so we can rise to our glory. Much love to you.

Many Twitter users loved the message:

Awesome message!

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