HORROR: Marxist Ghouls at NPR Play Shocking Audio of Woman Getting Abortion


The Marxist ghouls at NPR played audio of a woman aborting her twin babies.

NPR reporter Katie Wells narrated while the woman went through with the abortion.

“The 11-minute segment noted that women have been traveling to Michigan in “record numbers” in search of abortions since the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade earlier this year. The polarizing issue is on the ballot when Michiganders head out to vote on Election Day, and NPR dispatched journalist Kate Wells to an abortion clinic outside Detroit to observe procedures and talk to patients.” Fox News reported.

A vacuum is turned on and a woman can be heard crying as the babies are terminated.

“Within just a couple of minutes, it’s over,” NPR reporter Wells said in the audio as the woman moaned.

“You did it,” abortion staffer Brandy said. “You did great.”

(warning: graphic):

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