This Giving Tuesday, Help the J6 DC Prisoners Raise Money for the Children of General Prison Population This Christmas — Please Donate to the Children

Below are letters from several J6 prisoners asking for help to raise funds for the children of the general prison population to provide a blessed Christmas for them.

While these political prisoners live in dirty cells being abused by guards and awaiting trail, they have chosen to focus on vulnerable children rather than their own plight.

What a noble and heartwarming cause.

Last year, The Gateway Pundit readers raised $14,000 to make Christmas special for hundreds of these children.

** Please donate here Toy Fundraiser for Children of DC Jail ***

We J6ers in the DC jail are doing what we can for our neighborhood here in DC. We may be locked up under terrible conditions, but we see that as an asset in our effort to bring some relief to the children of DC who’s parent is locked up in this terrible jail with us. We do not have the power to unite these families, but we are working to alleviate some of the pain for the children. We J6ers have put together a fundraiser to help these children smile for the Holidays, “Jan 6 For DC Kids 2022”. The proceeds will be donated to Angel Tree, which is a fantastic organization dedicated to helping children for the Holidays. Angel Tree already operates within this jail and we were able to donate $14k last year for the Holiday season. This year we want to break that record. I would love to cut a check to Angel Tree for $100k this year. But we need your help. We need the help of good Patriots across this country who love our neighbors and want our movement to help all of Gods children. Washington, DC is failing its citizens on so many levels. Our MAGA movement stands up for Americans who can’t stand up for themselves. Let’s show the world how big our hearts really are this Holiday season. Let’s show our DC neighbors our generous Christmas spirit. God bless you. God bless America. And may God bless the children and families who live in Washington, DC.        

Merry Christmas,      

Jon Mellis and the J6 Patriots in the DC jail. 


Dear Fellow Americans,        

I would like to thank everyone who donates to our Jan 6 For DC Kids fundraiser in support of Angel Tree. Being able to contribute to our brothers and sisters incarcerated is a rewarding gesture of love. As Americans we seem to always rise to the occasion when it comes to lending a hand in moments of need. Its what makes the American people so special as a whole. So please embody the American spirit and donate.       

Peace, Love, and Prosperity To You All,           

Peter Stager


Dear Fellow Americans,           

Being able to help the kids of the incarcerated in the DC jail for Christmas means more than gifts and presents, It’s an opportunity for everyone involved. Obviously the children will keep the joy of Christmas alive in their heart and have the opportunity to make memories with their families even in a time of hardship. It will be an opportunity for the father to see pictures and hear about what a wonderful Christmas the family had and want to strive to make the right decisions to be there for the next Christmas, hopefully preserving the foundation of our country, the nuclear family. It’s an opportunity for all of us to give, not just presents, but to give memories, hope, encouragement, joy, and relief. It also fills our hearts back up with the love that seems to be so scarce in this country these days. I say give a little love and receive a world of change back.           

God bless America and Merry Christmas,          

Sean McHugh


Dear Patriots,        

Please help our Jan 6 for DC kids fund raiser. These kids are suffering by no account of there own but we would like to show them love and compassion by giving this year. We acknowledge Christ’s birthday as a time of giving so please stand with us in support of these beautiful children. As a child who was fatherless for the holidays I totally understand what it means to support and show love to these wonderful children. God bless you all for supporting Angel tree.          

Merry Christmas To All,      

Barton Shively


Dear Patriots,        

Supporting children in DC this Christmas is close to my heart because we want to have an impact wherever we are. All children deserve to feel loved on Christ’s birthday. We may not like how we are treated here, but that treatment has given us a voice and a platform. What the Devil meant to use to destroy us, we will use to glorify God and to give back. Its better to give than to receive. So let’s give America!        

Bless You All,      

Shane Jenkins


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