Former Georgetown Professor After Supreme Court Hearing On Affirmative Action Predicts Harvard Loses Case for Discriminating Against Prospective Students by Race

Yesterday, the US Supreme Court heard arguments regarding whether or not admissions policies at U.S. colleges are racially discriminatory.

According to reports, most Supreme Court justices were receptive to arguments from the students’ groups claiming that the policies are unconstitutional.

The Epoch Times reported:

Most Supreme Court justices seemed receptive on Oct. 31 to a student group’s argument that racially discriminatory admissions policies at U.S. colleges are unconstitutional and must be struck down.

The Biden administration countered that such policies should be allowed to continue indefinitely because they promote diversity, which it claims benefits the nation.

Although left-wing activists such as advocates of Marxist-derived critical race theory contend that race-conscious policies are essential to dismantle the systemic racism they say pervades the American experience, critics say using race in the college admissions process is both anachronistic and wrong.

Former Georgetown professor Asra Nomani listened to the arguments from yesterday’s testimony.

She accused 3 of the justices of gaslighting “America on the reality of anti-Asian racism.”

She also predicted that the colleges will lose their case.

Video (partial transcript below)

From the video:

“As many of you know I’m a mom who immigrated from India at the age of 4 and came to this country with my parents because we saw in this nation, the American flag there, you know this land of opportunity. It was so disheartening I can not even begin to tell you sitting there through so many hours of early argument, first on UNC-Chapel Hill and then Harvard because hardly a word was said about the blatant discrimination and racism that is happening against Asians. It was the subtext but yet hardly discussed.

While the universities tried to do their little song and dance about diversity. And the goals of it which anybody would support the idea of diversity but not through the hands of discrimination and racism.

Well, I finally felt heartened because by the second case which was Harvard we had some of the Justices just on fire and they really pointed out some of the blatant actions that have happened where Asian kids get lower scores on personality and have to have much higher SAT scores in order to get into school.”

Let’s hope this wrong is corrected!

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