Former Federal Prosecutor Defending J6 Clients To Bring More Former Federal Prosecutors To Their Defense

January 6th defendants are getting some much-needed help.

A federal prosecutor defending January 6th clients is planning on bringing more federal prosecutors on board.

He said he will bring on “new experienced” defense attorneys to help defend Jan 6th clients who lack the resources to defend themselves.

Twitter Thread:

Departing Saturday for my two month trip to DC for the second Oath Keeper trial. My client is Roberto Minuta, second generation Italian-American originally from upstate NY but now living in Texas.
Jury selection starts Dec. 5.

We have pretrial proceedings next week, then a short trip to see family on the mainland for Thanksgiving, then back to start the trial. Will have a 9-10 day break during the holidays, but back in Court on 1/3 until we are done. HOPEFULLY that will be January.

Case 1 finished all the evidence today–the 8th week. Case 2 should be shorter, but if we go 8 weeks it will be mid-Feb. OMG what a disaster that would be.
I’ve had some generous support over several weeks trying to meet the costs for trying this case, as well as work on others.

Last year when I started this work there were some funding sources promised to me that never materialized. I didn’t expect to have to do this way to the extent that I have. But some generous contributors that have made it possible for me to not drop J6 clients who lack resources.

I’m in the process of drawing in some new EXPERIENCED federal criminal defense attorneys who are former colleagues of mine. They are conservatives and feel like I do that not enough former AUSAs are taking these cases to make sure adequate defenses are made. But it will take $.

Roberto Minuta was able to raise some money and that has carried us thru to this point. But the cost for a six week trial out of town — where I can’t work on much else — would normally run in the neighborhood of close to six figures at a very reasonable rate.

I’ve taken on two more clients in the past 30 days so the expenses are not going to go away any time soon.
So — one more time — if you want to assist my work and are able, we’ve set up this account.
RTs help to spread the word.

A GiveSendGo was started to support defending these clients – it is called the January 6th Legal Defense Fund.

The “January 6 Legal Defense Fund” is a registered 501(c)(4) non-profit entity, and was established for one purpose and one purpose only — to support individuals charged in connection with the events of January 6 in paying their legal defense fees and costs using an attorney they chose rather than an attorney chosen for them.

Click here to support the fund.

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