Former CIA Director Mike Pompeo Gets SERVED for Allegedly Spying on Julian Assange (Video)

Former CIA director and ex-Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was just served with a lawsuit that claims Pompeo spied on WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange while he took refuge inside the Ecuadorian Embassy in London.

Per IT Wire, the lawsuit claims Pompeo along with his co-defendants the CIA, and security Firm UC global “provided oversight for a criminal conspiracy to violate Fourth Amendment rights of American lawyers and journalists inside of the Ecuadorian Embassy.”

Pompeo was served in Ohio while attending the John Ashbrook Memorial Dinner.


The plaintiffs in the suit are journalists Charles Glass, John Goetz, and human rights attorney Margaret Ratner.

Currently, Julian Assange is exercising his last appeal to avoid being extradited to the U.S to face 17 espionage charges for leaking documents regarding  U.S. war crimes in Iraq and for the US government spying on its citizens.

Since leaving the White House Pompeo said in an interview with CBS,  that a Trump 2024 run wouldn’t keep him from running for president.


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