CHANGE: Tens Of Thousands Of Pennsylvanians Are Leaving The Democrat Party, Becoming Republicans

Republicans are gaining more former Democrats in Pennsylvania than Democrats are gaining former Republicans.

36,000 more Democrats have switched to Republicans than Republicans have switched to Democrats. Republicans have also gained 3,000 more other voters than Democrats.

Democrats that switched to the Republican party: 57,000

Republicans that switched to the Democrat party: 21,000

Republican other voter gains: 30,000

Democrat other voter gains: 27,000

Republicans also had more voters switch to the Republican party last year than the Democrats.

Center Square reported:

Pennsylvania’s registered voter numbers are up and Democrats hold an advantage, but Republicans are gaining former Democrats.

The data show that while Democrats have gained about 21,000 former Republican voters and almost 27,000 other voters, the Republicans have gained about 57,000 former Democratic voters and almost 30,000 other voters in 2022.

That bodes well for the Grand Old Party, continuing a long-running trend.

Last year, about 30,000 Republicans switched to Democrat and 14,000 other voters, compared to 37,000 Democrats switching to the Republicans along with 18,000 other voters. Republicans have gained more Democratic voters than Democrats have gained Republicans since 2008, according to the oldest data available.

Democrats still hold an advantage over Republicans in voter registration overall but that lead is shrinking.

Pennsylvania is a key state for the 2022 midterms with an important Governor and Senate race.

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