Corrupt Wisconsin Republican Assembly Majority Caucus Kicks out Election Integrity Champion Janel Brandtjen

On Friday, the Republican Majority Caucus in the Wisconsin State Assembly sent a letter to Republican State Representative Janel Brandtjen, informing her that she was no longer welcome in their caucus.

Brandtjen has been a fearless and unrelenting voice demanding restoration and integrity in Wisconsin’s fake and proven fraudulent election system perpetrated by the corrupt Wisconsin Elections Commission.

Her insistence to end the rampant fraud in Wisconsin’s elections appears to be the reason corrupt Assembly Speaker Robin Vos’s Wisconsin GOP wants Brandtjen out. However, the cowardly Republican Majority Caucus Chair Rob Summerfield, did not state a reason for voting her out. He only claimed in his spineless letter that “continual issues from the past have led our caucus to lose trust in you.”

This isn’t the first petty attack by the corrupt Wisconsin GOP establishment to punish conservatives seeking justice in their fraudulent election system. As we reported previously Speaker Vos targeted Rep. Timothy Ranthum for leading the charge against state’s election fraud, stripping him of his staff.  Vos, the longest serving state speaker in the country, also fired former Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman from leading the investigation into election fraud the day after Vos won his primary against challlenger Adam Steen by only a couple hundred votes.

The letter in full:

Dear Representative Brandtjen,

Yesterday, at our caucus, the members voted to no longer allow you to participate in closed caucus. The continual issues from the past have led our caucus to lose trust in you. For this reason, this vote was taken.

Sincerely, Representative Rob Summerfield State Representative 67th Assembly District Majority Caucus Chair

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Brandtjen issued the following response yesterday:

“A short, three-sentence letter from Republican Caucus Chair Rep Summerfield was delivered to my office, stating that due to ‘continual issues from the past,’ I was being barred from participating in future closed caucuses. There was no specification as to what these ‘continual issues’ were, and neither Rep Summerfield, nor any other caucus leaders, had the integrity to discuss this with me either in person, privately, or in caucus last week.

I’m assuming this is in regards to my role as Chairperson of the Committee on Campaigns and Elections and my continuing work to strengthen voting integrity in Wisconsin. It appears caucus leadership is simply too uncomfortable to address the current voting issues, including:

Removing me from caucus will not stop the ongoing voting issues that plague our state, but it does prove that many members of the caucus are willing to ignore their constituents to stay in good standing with caucus leadership and keep their committee chairmanships.

No matter the petty actions of the caucus leadership, I will continue to represent the 22nd Assembly District and address the issues my constituents have told me are important to them, including voting integrity, with the same determination I have in the past,” said Rep Brandtjen.

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