BREAKING: Berlin to Redo Their Fraudulent Elections Following Long Lines, No Ballots, Voter Suppression – Berlin High Court Throws out Results

The trains don’t run on time anymore, either: Long lines to vote in Berlin Sept. 26, 2021

Elections in the German capital of Berlin were so fraudulent they will have to be repeated, the Berlin State Supreme Court ruled today. YouTube had threatened to censor any claims of election irregularities and now looks a lot like Fake News.

“The elections to the Berlin House of Representatives and  the district assemblies are declared invalid in the entire electoral area,”  the President of the Berlin Constitutional Court, Ludgera Selting (58), ruled today.
The reason are the massive irregularites in the 2021 election. New elections will  be held in Spring of 2023.

Ahead of the German elections on Sept. 26, 2021, YouTube had announced they were banning any content that doubts the elections.

Citizens had to wait in line for hours at polling stations. Ballot papers were missing in many polling stations and there were not enough ballot boxes. Many voters were only able to vote after the official closing time of 6 p.m. Some polling places seem to have “guesstimated” the tallies or had exactly the same percentages for the parties in a whole string of locations.


A Case for Redoing the 2020 Election Now


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