Brazil World Cup Fans Chant “Lula, You Thief, You Belong in Jail!” as MiIitary Coup Looms

Richarlison scored one of the most sensational soccer goals ever for Brazil yesterday

Hundreds of thousands of Brazilians continued to protest their stolen presidential elections while celebrating Brazil’s triumphant start in the World Cup, beating Serbia 2-0. Meanwhile, President Bolsonaro and leftist Judge Alexandre de Moraes met with various arms of the Military in what could be the run-up to a military confrontation or coup.

Richarlison scored one of the most sensational soccer goals ever, with a kung-fu spin kick, sending the ball past Serbian defender Milos Veljkovic in the 73rd minute. Soccer-loving Brazil went nuts. Despite the all-important match, the protests in the streets of Brazil continued to swell.

In Qatar, Brazilian fans chanted “Lula ladrão, seu lugar é na prisão” ( “Lula, you Thief, you belong in jail!”), criticizing socialist Presidential candidate Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, who was convicted of money laundering and embezzlement and sentenced to nine and a half years in prison in 2017 before the left-wing Supreme Court released him in 2019 and nullified the sentence in 2021.

The Liberal Party (PL) allied with President Bolsonaro announced it will appeal corrupt Justice Alexandre de Moraes’ decision to deny the party’s request to annul votes from 279,000 corrupted electronic voting machines, and to fine Bolsonaro’s coalition 22.9 million Reals (US$ 4.28 million), for “bad faith litigation”. According to the party, this reaction from the leftist pro-Lula Judge was expected. Potentially, the PL could appeal to Military Court, exacerbating the confromtation between the pro-Lula Supreme Court and the proi-Bolsonaro military.

The corrupt Judge Alexandre de Moraes met with commanders of the Military Police on Wednesday, Nov. 23rd, in Brasília, in a move criticized by Brazilian Vice-President Hamilton Mourão, who called it the “apex of authoritarianism.” Mourão stated there was a “justified controversy due to the issue of the reliability of electronic voting machines and the blunt and exacerbated actions of the Superior Electoral Court.”

Mourão defended the appeal presented by the Liberal Party that disputes the electoral results, which gave the victory to Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT). The appeal “does not give the TSE the right to peremptorily reject it, impose absurd fines, and include the plaintiffs in an illegal investigation,” the Vice-President wrote.

As reported by Gateway Pundit, leftist Judge de Moraes wants to fine the Liberal Party, freeze its bank accounts and investigate the Party’s chairman. Moraes has also filed to have the Minister of Defense removed from office and wants to take the children of protestors away from them.

Congressman Marcel Van Hatten filed a request to open a Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry (CPI) to investigate abuse of authority committed by Judges of the Supreme Court and the Superior Electoral Court. “The adoption of censorship seems to have become the rule in Brazil, promoting the return of authoritarianism and establishing a true state of exception. Elected Parliamentarians and Congressmen in full exercise of their mandate are being silenced by the Judiciary.”

The commanders of the Army, Air Force and Navy advised Bolsonaro against any reaction to the judicial overreach of Alexandre de Moraes. The chiefs of staff said there was no consensus in the High Command on the application of Article 142, which empowers the Military to “restore order”, as many of the Brazilian protestors are demanding, asking for Moraes’ arrest and the dissolution of the Supreme Court.

On Nov. 9, Federal Representative José Medeiros filed for a Military takeover by means of a Guarantee of Law and Order request (GLO) under Article 142 of the Brazilian Constitution:  “We are not going to accept this. I have asked that the Army and the Armed Forces guarantee the Brazilian people the right to express themselves and to take action so that this is guaranteed. I never thought I was going to have to ask the Army to guarantee our freedom rights, but we need a GLO.”

In September, Senator Lasier Martins presented two impeachment requests against Moraes due to his targeting businessmen for defending democracy in messages in a WhatsApp group.


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