Bill Clinton Tells Reporter “The Evidence Is Clear” Regarding His Connection To Jeffery Epstein

During a rally held for democratic representative Rep. Henry Cuellar in Laredo, Texas,  former U.S. President Bill Clinton was confronted by journalist Juan Mendoza.

Mendoza asked Clinton  “Any comments on the allegations of your connection with Jeffrey Epstein?”

Bill Clinton with a huge smile would respond “I think the evidence is (clear.)”


The creepy smile is as sinister as it gets.

After Mendoza uploaded the video to Twitter, it instantly went viral and the young journalist subsequently said on Twitter “he’s not suicidal.”

It’s no conspiracy that Clinton had a friendship with Epstein.

As the Gateway Pundit reported back in 2021, Epstein was invited to the White House by Clinton 17 times between 1993-1995.

Epstein wouldn’t be a convicted pedophile until 2006 but a report by the Daily Mail revealed that between 1993-1995, now convicted child sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell was allegedly grooming underage girls for Epstein during that same timeline.


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