Biden Threatens to Veto Proposed Senate Resolution to End Covid-19 Emergency Declaration After 13 Democrats Voted with Republicans

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On Friday, the Biden regime decided to extend the Covid public health emergency for the 12th time until at least April, as public health officials are preparing for another Covid surge this winter.

Biden keeps extending COVID Emergency so the Democrats can keep abusing their emergency powers.

The declaration allows the US to grant emergency authorizations for drugs, vaccines, and other medical countermeasures.

On Tuesday, the U.S. Senate voted to terminate the national health emergency declared in 2020 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic after almost three years of emergency-justified authoritarianism.

By a vote of 62 to 36, with 13 Democrats in favor, the Senate voted to rescind the emergency declaration.

It now goes to the House. It is not known if the House will consider the proposed resolution.

Below is the list of senators who voted to end the emergency declaration:

The White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB) said in a statement that Joe Biden has threatened to veto any legislation passed by Congress to rescind the national emergency declaration, according to Wall Street Journal.

According to OMB, revoking the emergency declaration would weaken federal response to future Covid-19 outbreaks.

“Preserving our ability to respond is more important than ever as we head into the winter, when respiratory illnesses such as Covid-19 typically spread more easily,” the statement said. “Strengthened by the ongoing declaration of national emergency, the federal response to Covid-19 continues to save lives, improve health outcomes, and support the American economy.

Twitter user, John DeFeo shared his opinion on this emergency power grab on Twitter.

Who uses COVID-19 messaging that provokes fear (at the expense of highlighting critical facts, useful nuance and evidence-based reasons for hope)?

Here is my opinion, explained via 12 personas, arranged from most lamentable to most contemptible.

  • The Charlatan The charlatan is the bad faith version of the huckster, exploiting tenuous connections to COVID-19 in order to claim expertise and authority, while using hyperbole to maximize personal attention, influence and reach. A politician with a lab coat.
  • The Partisan Opportunist The partisan opportunist sees a crisis, then exploits it, extends it and amplifies it such as to enact powers and legislation that he or she has been eager to deploy. The nature of the crisis is not relevant, just a means to a desired end.
  • The Gleeful Abuser The gleeful abuser, for lack of a better word, is a psychopath who uses the fear and chaos inherent in a crisis (pandemic, war, etc.) to cover for his or her intention of imposing harm on others. Uncommon, yet terrifying.
  • The Stunted Academic This is the accomplished doctor or scientist who has long-since been promoted to oversee others, and as a result, is informed by narratives more so than hands on experience. The bigger the team, the greater the chance to amplify a bogus narrative.
  • The Free Radical A co-dependent person who lacks a firm sense of self, and thus, derives his or her identify from movements. Zero-COVID is one of many hashtags, flags, emoticons and other ways of signaling values to strangers (in the absence of a firm personal code).
  • The Feckless Academic The feckless academic is handcuffed by status or funding. He or she often remains on the sidelines, yet may occasionally amplify low-quality COVID-19 research that, in fact, can be objectively refuted using his or her own corpus of existing work.
  • The Credentialed Grifter This doctor or scientist, who is ostensibly a well-compensated professional, uses social media to solicit tips, monetize COVID-19 content via affiliate links, or otherwise profit from newly-earned “influencer” status.
  • The Esteemed Narcissist The esteemed narcissist is intelligent and a high achiever, yet trapped in an early-childhood emotional state (often a result of verbal abuse). He or she is too fragile to admit wrongs: Blame-shifting, projection and gaslighting are the result.
  • The Traumatized Professional
    This doctor or scientist has suffered a personal loss and/or PTSD from working in a high stress, high risk environment. (It takes the utmost empathy and reasoning to question a brilliant survivor of trauma.)
  • The Good-Faith Huckster This epidemiologist or biostatistician earned a certificate in public health despite having little- to no-background in science, medicine or ethics. He or she offers COVID-19 guidance in good faith, but lacks the experience to see possible harm.
  • The Green Journalist This young journalist, who isn’t necessarily foolish, has been given a critically-important task (like fact checking) without guidance or sources. A natural instinct is to seek official commentary, thereby allowing officials to avoid accountability.
  • The Hypochondriac Specialist This atmospheric physicist or molecular biologist is highly intelligent and highly qualified, yet tends to portray disease avoidance as a primary goal in life (regardless of contextual risk). Brilliant, yet myopic.
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