Biden Granddaughter and Husband Mooched Off Taxpayers and Lived at the White House “For a Few Months” as They Planned Ritzy Wedding with Vogue Photoshoot

Wedding photo provided by the White House

Joe Biden is the ultimate government parasite and his whole clan is in on the grift.

Hunter Biden’s daughter, Naomi Biden, got married at the White House on Saturday.

According to reports, Joe Biden is expected to pay a minimum of $300,000 out-of-pocket for his granddaughter’s wedding – RIGHT!

No press was allowed because Joe Biden said the wedding was a “private” event – EXCEPT FOR VOGUE MAGAZINE.

The media was banned – the peasants weren’t allowed near the wedding but Vogue Magazine was there to do a photoshoot.

Vogue was invited to the wedding and they wrote a puff piece of Biden’s granddaughter comparing her to the Princess of Monaco.

A classless Jill Biden wore a short dress with her kneecaps showing to her step-granddaughter’s formal wedding.

Jill Biden dons inappropriate dress for Naomi’s wedding

It was also revealed that Naomi Biden and her then-fiancé, Peter Neal, a former Hillary Clinton campaign intern, moved into the White House “for a few months” as they planned their glitzy wedding.

Naomi Biden mooched off of taxpayers for several months and the media was banned from her White House wedding.

Typical Biden corruption!

“Naomi says she was surprised to find Peter was “a bit of a bridezilla,” she jokes, and “obsessed with all the details,” but she was not surprised by involvement from the first lady—known among all the Biden grandchildren as “Nana.” When the couple’s lease ran out on their DC apartment, they asked Nana and the president if they could move in for a few months while wedding planning, along with their mini Australian shepherd, Charlie, who can often be seen gamboling on the South Lawn with the Bidens’ German shepherd, Commander. “I try to remind myself it’s the White House, but it also gets normalized over time,” says Naomi.” Vogue reported.

The Biden clan headed to a $30 million Nantucket estate after the lavish wedding at the White House.


This is where the Bidens will be enjoying their Thanksgiving dinner whilst many Americans can’t afford to buy turkey dinner:

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