MASSIVE ISSUES REPORTED ACROSS THE COUNTRY: Here Are Several Concerns and Anomalies We Received from our TGP Tips…

The Gateway Pundit is closely monitoring the 2022 midterm elections.

We will bring you updated news throughout the day.

If you see abnormalities or issues of concern, please send tips to [email protected].

**  Please include photos and/or videos and specify the location, the time, any additional witnesses, and other relevant information.

The following is a list of some of the issues and unusual events that have been brought to our attention this morning so far via email:

** “Two DOJ observers being allowed by inspector at Southwest Maricopa County location. I’m a clerk here.”

** “Ballots in Kansas being rejected by the reader at an extremely high rate. Most paper ballots are not being read because of a crease in the middle of the page. The elections office and county sheriffs are being notified. We also had a situation where three people saw their vote flipped on screen for a candidate.”

**”My husband and I voted this morning at our rural NY firehall. Both of our ballots were rejected by the machine. Many of the ballots were being rejected. A neighbor said the same thing was happening in the next town over. Never had this problem before. The woman in charge said it was an issue with the ballots, something about then being printed wrong.”

**”When I voted this morning in Peoria Az ( Westbrook village ) poll workers were issuing sharpies to the voter’s”

**”Only allowed sharpie pens with bleed through to back side with proposals. Asked for new ballot due to bleed through, denied. Said since the bleed through doesn’t interfere with ovals on Bach side it is ok. They said sharpie dries quick. Used ball point pen for 30 yrs now forced to use sharpie.”

**”In deep blue Harris County the scanning tabulator did not work at the location, Rosehill Elementary School. Voters were being told to just leave the ballots with workers. This is a mostly Republican precinct.”

** “This morning, Nov. 8th, in Mount Vernon (the 38th District / Adam Kuzma is a resident and candidate for State Rep), Elizabeth Township, ALLEGHENY COUNTY, Pennsylvania, voters were TURNED AWAY at 7:00 am this morning, poll reporters stating that “THE VOTER REGISTRATION REGISTRY DIDN’T SHOW UP TODAY”, and people could either vote by paper provisional ballot or try back again later – possibly after lunch hour.  WHAAAAT??? Same was also taking place in Bethel Park, ALLEGHENY COUNTY, Pennsylvania. Confirmed by a friend who was turned away this morning, and also reported by Hannah Kuzma, wife of Adam Kuzma on Facebook. Local news stations are NOT REPORTING THIS! ”

** “The polling place at Trinity Lutheran Church, 2520 route 208 Walden, NY. The scanner stopped reading after less than 100 ballots. Everyone is being told to put their ballot into a slot. I don’t know what time it went down, but it was already down by 11:15. This is a red leaning area. They also print out individual ballots after each person signs on the screen. This feels like a concern because there could potentially be a difference between republican and democrat ballots since they’re printed only after they know who they are being given to.”

** “I just voted at the Baptist Church at 431 Ocotillo Rd. in Queen Creek AZ. I have not voted in person in years and did not think twice about how the ballots were handled until I came home and saw your posts. Maybe this is ok and maybe it isn’t. You would know better than me. I got my ballot, made my choices and then was told to put my ballot in a big cardboard box. With all the thru another with the machines etc. I just figured they had decided not to use the machines. Is there a way you can check this out? I am 84 years old and don’t get around real well but this is important and I wanted my ballot counted fairly so I made the trip to the polls to do so. I am going to be really upset if this is an attempt to screw this election up again. Thank you for all your help and the true coverage of our world situation these days.”

** “We voted in person at a school.  We filled out our ballots and were told to put them in a box. Is this normal?  I have never voted in person before.”

** “The tabulation machine quit working at an Austin location during early voting. They were dropping ballots straight into a box.”

** “Tabulation machines in GWINNETT COUNTY GEORGIA spitting out ballots. Thank you for all you do!”

** “Just left my polling place in Niagara County (upstate NY). Tried putting my ballot (100% conservative) into a machine and it was immediately kicked back out as “unreadable”. I was told this machine has been “acting up” and that I had to use another one which accepted it no problem on the first try.”

** “All Republicans districts have no Paper to run ballots per WILK talk radio.”

**”We voted in Iowa this morning. Filled out my ballot & asked poll worker if there was somewhere to sign the ballot. She said no, there is no signature required directly on the ballot because they are “secret ballots”.
This seemed odd & I was not pleased. We were required to show ID that was scanned twice while there and we signed signature on computer screen and then signed signature on a piece of paper that looked like a grocery receipt that the poll worker appeared to write their initials on before the voter signed below that. Next, we were handed our ballot. That signed receipt was not attached to the ballot. And AGAIN the ballot itself appeared to have no place to sign & 3 poll workers expressed that was expected. WHY?”

** “I hope all is well! So I went to Pembroke Pines Florida to vote today and I am not sure if my vote will count. I voted for all Republicans that were listed..  So I go over to the scanning machine, and yes I asked if it was a dominion one and they said no however, the machine said it could not count my vote because I left some answer blank. Do to the fact not one Judge on the ballot was recognized as republican or democrat  so I left them blank. I asked if my other votes would be acknowledged and they said yes.Unfortunately I have no way of knowing the truth. My thoughts are why would they leave doubt in someone’s mind after what happened 24 months ago!!”

** “I voted at Lincoln elementary school in Palatine IL this morning around 8:30 am and I was given a sharpie pen to vote.”

** “My wife and I just walked down the street and voted at Celebration Baptist Church (CBC).  As we approached the church and large gym we stopped on the sidewalk and checked “available Wi-Fi” on our phones.  We detected what is reported in picture 1.  Then, we entered the building and walked down a hallway into the CBC gym (the entire building is brick with almost no windows in the gym).  Inside the gym we checked Wi-Fi again and received report in picture 2.  I asked the poll worker if the machines were hooked up to the internet and of course he said, “No. These machines don’t connect to the internet.”  Then I asked what the new, plainly labeled and locked “56K modem” was that suddenly appeared only inside the voting area.  He seemed flustered and only stated, “Well, there are houses all around this area…”  When I went to vote they had pre-positioned felt tipped pens, and could not help but notice Leon County is using Dominion voting machines. Calling the DeSantis campaign and will go down to the church to ensure the Republican poll watcher understands there is a mysterious Wi-Fi available inside the gym nobody can seem to explain.  Thought I’d send your way if you’re publishing things like this.  Thank you for watching the Freedom lanes. Love your site.”

** “Apologies, cell phones weren’t allowed in the voting area, so I don’t have photos or video. But my husband and I took our completed paper ballots to the tabulator machine this morning, 11/8/22, ~ 8:45 EST. We were instructed to drop our ballots in a horizontal slot in the machine where it just dropped down into a pile or stack of ballots apparently. When I asked what was going on with the machine, a poll worker, who was sitting there monitoring people’s dropping in their ballots, shrugged, and said a repair tech for the tabulator machine was on his way. Please log this disturbing irregularity. Leads to immense distrust, speculation, and suspicion.”

** “This morning between 6:30 and 7:00, our small town polling place (Thompson United Methodist Church -TUMC) had their WiFi networks showing, but there was an extra one as soon as I walked in the door. I have a hard time thinking it was a business or home nearby, as it only happened once I got in the church building. The network was hidden and when you click on the little “i”, there shows no IP address or any details. I do not know if this WiFi network was previously installed, only that it didn’t match the rest. Not sure if this proves anything, but I would like to pass it along just in case there is internet hooked up to the machines where we placed our ballots into.”

As of right now, TGP has received hundreds of emails. We are currently going over it and checking all of the facts.

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