Bed, Bath & Beyond Facing Supplier Issues – While “Canceled” MyPillow Has An Overstock Sale

In January 2021, Bed, Bath & Beyond dropped MyPillow products from their stores.

Liberals celebrated:

In response, many conservatives boycotted Bed, Bath & Beyond — and bought their bedding from using promo code TGP directly instead (Gateway Pundit benefits when you use that code).

Now, this: suppliers to Bed, Bath & Beyond are worried Bed, Bath & Beyond won’t pay them back.

Bloomberg reports:

Take Dbest Products Inc., which has been selling its rolling carts to Bed Bath & Beyond for more than a decade. In early September, the company for the first time asked Bed Bath & Beyond to pay upfront for its products. “We requested to alter our payment terms to payment in advance and they said no — politely,” Dbest Products Chief Executive Officer Richard Elden said. He says he previously sold around “six figures” worth of wholesale products to Bed Bath & Beyond annually…

Similarly, Lauren Greenwood, president of kitchen storage and organization company YouCopia, said she recently stopped shipping her merchandise to Bed Bath & Beyond after more than 10 years. “There is considerable financial risk,” Greenwood said. “We’re wishing them well. We’ll see if that means getting back into stores — or waiting from the sidelines to see if they can pull it off.”

The head of a company that had supplied $15 million to $20 million of wholesale merchandise to Bed Bath & Beyond annually in recent years said he had stopped shipping his products to the retailer in August. He asked not to be named to avoid jeopardizing his relationship with the company. The supplier said Bed Bath & Beyond hasn’t agreed to provide him with an additional financial guarantee he requested, called a letter of credit.

Bed, Bath & Beyond could have worked with MyPillow – but canceled them instead.

Big mistake!

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