AOC Throws Pity Party for Twitter Employees, Then Musk Fires Back with Epic 2-Word Response

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a woman who bristles at the thought of having to pay money to Twitter for her blue checkmark, is now giving a shout-out to the tech employees who refuse to take money from Twitter, provided that money comes with hard work attached.

As CNN notes, Twitter headquarters was shuttered on Friday until Monday amid a “mass exodus” of employees who didn’t want to sign a pledge from new CEO Elon Musk to commit to an “extremely hardcore” work schedule as he tries to right the ailing, money-hemorrhaging social media giant.

“Twitter’s remaining workforce had until 5 p.m. ET on Thursday to decide whether they wanted to be a part of the culture Musk wants to implement at the social media company, or else effectively resign, according to an email he sent to staff Wednesday,” CNN reported.

The outlet noted that “an internal Slack channel at the company was filled with employees posting the salute emoji after the 5 p.m. ET deadline, indicating they had chosen not to sign Musk’s pledge and depart the company.”

Enter AOC, a New York Democrat who has the money to lease a Tesla Model 3 but finds herself unable to come up with $8 a month for that blue checkmark.

“Shout out to all the workers at Twitter. You all built a vital place for connection and deserved so much better,” she tweeted Friday.

“Millions of people appreciate the space you built and the hard work that went into it. Thank you,” she added, along with a blue heart emoji, used as a symbol of support and solidarity.

Never mind that these were the workers who built a social media product that is reportedly bleeding $4 million a day; while still important for public discourse, technologically Twitter has fallen behind its competitors and, thanks to tighter moderation policies, it’s mostly become an echo-chamber for po-faced, self-important journos.

Much of the left’s anger has centered around the fact that Musk has promised dramatic cutbacks at the company. One outrage was that he ended the company’s free lunch program at its San Francisco headquarters; it cost the company $13 million a year and was little-used thanks to low office attendance.

Anyhow, Musk had a brutal two-word comeback for her:

Not only does Musk own Twitter in the literal sense, he also owns AOC in the colloquial sense. Here’s a bit of their history on the social media platform, both before and after Musk bought the company:

Some Twitter users hearkened back to the infamous “hitting on me” thread with Musk’s latest own:

Others thought it was hilarious that AOC, of all people, was talking about “hard work”:

However, the most epic part was the fact Musk rained on AOC’s pity party. Those who left were averse to hard work at a tech company that clearly needs it. Like all socialists, Ocasio-Cortez believes money grows on trees and should be given away by entrepreneurs as a kind of welfare program, no matter how much labor is used to secure that money.

With two words, Musk pulled the cord on the pity party. Absolutely perfect. If you need a short summation of why the platform is so much better under his ownership, this is it.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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