Ye Calls Biden “F*CKING Retarded” In Interview With Piers Morgan

Kanye West now known as Ye has not shied away from the spotlight over the last few weeks.

In Ye’s latest interview with Piers Morgan, the billionaire called Joe Biden “f*ckin retarded”.

Before calling Biden out, the founder of Yeezy was quoted saying “The President of the United States does not have meetings with Elon Musk,” and proceeded to show his displeasure with Biden.

Ye would then defend his use of the word retarded by saying the entire media wants to call him mentally ill so he’s allowed to say it.

Watch Ye call out Biden here:

Ye is referring to Biden previously inviting GMC and Ford executives to the White House to talk about the future of electric cars but purposely leaving out Tesla’s Elon Musk.

When it comes to electric cars Tesla has outsold GMC and Ford combined, so, for Tesla to get snubbed was a bizarre and outrageous move.

Biden’s rejection of Tesla resulted in Musk calling Biden a “damp sock puppet”.

It’s refreshing to see the billionaires of the world such as Musk and Ye stand up against the Biden regime, let’s hope more of them start to do the same.


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