White Los Angeles Democrat Mayoral Candidate Doesn’t Like Being Called White

On Monday, The Gateway Pundit reported on racist remarks made by former Los Angeles City Council President Nury Martinez.

Martinez was caught on leaked audio saying a fellow Democrat Mike Bonin’s black son was “like a monkey.” Martinez also had this to say about Soros-funded radical DA George Gascon, “F**k that guy. He’s with the blacks.”

Billionaire developer Rick Caruso is running for mayor in Los Angeles against fellow Democrat Karen Bass.

During a debate between the candidates, debate host Dunia Elvir, a Noticiero Telemundo52 news anchor, said, “And this question goes for the both of you. The next mayor of Los Angeles will be either an African-American woman or a white man.”

Caruso quickly corrected her saying, “I’m Italian,” leaving moderator Conan Nolan, NBC4 chief political reporter and anchor, chuckling.

Elvir continues, ” Italian-American.”

To which Caruso said, ” Thank you.  That’s Latin.  Thank you.”

Nolan was not the only one chuckling at Caruso’s remark.  One Twitter posited that in order to be competitive  in diverse LA, Caruso had to identify as “spicy white.”

The full debate can be viewed below.



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