“Whatever You Call Us, The True Racist Is Katie Hobbs. Twice-convicted!” – Kari Lake Eats Up The Fake News Media After Event With South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem

Trump-Endorsed Arizona Gubernatorial Nominee Kari Lake obliterated the Fake News Media again on Tuesday after a speaking event with South Dakota’s America First Governor, Kristi Noem. 

Noem and Lake spoke in front of hundreds of Patriots at the Moms for Kari event about a range of problems and solutions, from COVID-19 lockdowns to border security to saving the economy and liberal indoctrination in public schools.

Watch the full event here.

After the event, Kari Lake took on dishonest election fraud questions from the Fake News Media and real questions from The Gateway Pundit and MAAP Real Talk Show. Not one question was centered around the policies that were discussed with Kristi Noem to save Arizona.

Democrat Nominee Katie Hobbs will never have the courage to face the media or the voters like Kari Lake does.

She is too afraid to be confronted about her history of racism and incompetent or fraudulent elections. The Gateway Pundit reported during the Arizona Primary Elections that Pinal County RAN OUT of only Republican ballots, leading GOP voters to be turned away from the polls.

Lake has called on Hobbs to recuse herself from election duties numerous times this year.

At a gubernatorial forum Monday, Katie Hobbs requested that the moderators completely separate the two candidates with drapes, partitions, separate parking, and separate entry points.

Below is a map of the “candidate parking” and “candidate entrances” from Monday night.

Katie Hobbs was later seen by The Gateway Pundit running out of the building escorted by two police officers and numerous others to avoid any public confrontation.

It was absolutely pathetic.

Watch the entire press conference below.

Lake: Thank you all for being here. We really appreciate it. And we are very excited to see a governor like Governor Kristi Noem come out. She knows how important good governors are. She knows how important strong states are. We need to have 50 Strong states and 50 Strong governors, and that’s why she’s out here backing our campaign. She knows that we have policies that are going to help all Arizonans. I frankly don’t care if you’re with the Democrat Party, the Independent Party, the Republican Party, the Green Party, the pool party, or the pizza party. Our ideas are going to help all Arizonans, and Governor Kristi Noem understands that. So, we were thrilled that she spent some time with us today, and we’re looking forward to other governors coming here. As you know, Governor DeSantis came and spent some time helping us campaign, and we’re looking forward to Governor Glenn Youngkin coming as well. We welcome all strong Republican governors. We need to band together and make sure that we make this country strong, and frankly, every state deserves a strong Republican governor. And we’re gonna get one on November 8 when we go out and vote, and we vote for Kari Lake for Governor

Showtime: You said in the primary that “we outvoted the fraud,” your voters did. Are you worried that in the general election you will be able to accomplish the same thing?

Lake: I’m always worried about voter fraud because we have a system right now, election system that people don’t have faith in. They don’t have faith in it. And what I want to see is common sense laws for our elections so that every voter whether they are Democrat, Independent, or Republican, they go to bed on election night. They know that their legal vote counted, and they know that we have the winner and whether it was their guy or not. They have faith in the system. And we can’t keep having elections. In 2016, we have people saying that wasn’t a fair election and 2020. We can fix this problem. We can restore honesty to elections, and we plan to do that here in Arizona.

Conradson: We saw serious problems in our primary election. Voters were turned away from the polls, they were told that they already voted. Katie Hobbs still hasn’t recused herself as Chief Elections Officer in the state. What are your thoughts on that?

Lake: We asked Katie Hobbs to recuse herself from any duties involving the election in July of last year. It’s unethical. And she should recuse herself. And she didn’t. And we saw problems in the August 2 primary. Where one hour into voting in Pinal County, one of our largest counties. Katie Hobbs gave guidance as to how many ballots they would need and they ran out of balance one hour into voting, one hour into voting. And interestingly, they only ran out of Republican ballots. We need somebody with competence in the Secretary of State’s office. Katie Hobbs has closed down the office for COVID and is still not open to business. You have to go online. Katie Hobbs needs to get her butt back in the office, open the doors and do the business of the people and she needs to recuse herself from anything involving this election. Let’s face it. When she called half of the voters Nazi’s, that tells you that she doesn’t really care to look evenly and equally at voters. She only cares about voters who are going to vote for her. We need somebody in that office that looks at all Arizonans equally.

NBC: What would you say to independents in Arizona who are still weighing their choice who voted for Joe Biden in 2020.

Lake: I’m willing to bet that if you voted for Joe Biden, you’re regretting that vote. Skyrocketing gas prices. Inflation is at a record level here in Arizona. I talked to people who retired and they had saved enough money for that retirement. And unfortunately, now they’re looking and saying I’m gonna need to get another job. I can’t even afford retirement anymore. People can’t afford to put food on the table. We’re in a crisis mode because of Joe Biden. And anybody who voted for him and you’re regretting it. I want you to take a look at where I stand on the issues. We’re going to help you when it comes to this inflation. We’re going to get rid of the grocery tax we’re going to get rid of the tax you pay on rent and return basically half a billion dollars to the hardworking people of Arizona, and we’re gonna make sure we have a secure border and safe streets. We have to do this. We owe this to the people of our state to help them.

MAAP’s George Nemeh: what’s happening why can’t we have a debate? They want to watch you debate actually they love you. And they want to know why Hobbs is not, but what is it from you?

Lake: This is the first time in our history since we’ve had this governor debate Clean Elections Debate, that the candidate refuses to show up on stage and debate, and I think I know why. She has terrible ideas. And she’s trying to say it’s because I’m a conspiracy theorist? then show up on the debate stage and call me out, for goodness sake. She says I’m going to shout at her. I don’t know people who know me best. No, I’m not a big yeller. I want to talk about the issues. It’s a job interview, and she needs to show up. I did a forum last night, and she refused to be anywhere near us. She made them put up drapes, and she parked on one side and required that I park on another. This woman is unhinged if she can’t face her opponent. We need a strong governor, not somebody who’s afraid to debate, not someone who’s afraid to even look at me. How is she going to handle the cartels? How is she going to handle all these forces that are working to detract from our quality of life here in Arizona? We need strength in a governor, not someone who’s weak. Can you imagine Katie Hobbs having to fight for Arizona, try to bring businesses here, and having to compete against a Governor Kristi Noem? Kristi Noem will eat her up and spit her out. And I’ll tell you what, Governor DeSantis will do the same. We do not want to become California. The policies that my opponent is pushing are policies that will turn us into a state like California, which is a state that is going down the tubes, unfortunately for the people of California. We need strength, and it’s unbelievable that she won’t stand up in debate, and this is happening all over the country. They have terrible ideas, they know that people aren’t with them, and they’re afraid, and they’re cowards. And she knows she’s gonna get called out for being a twice-convicted racist, which the media, the mainstream leftist media, won’t cover. For your information, NBC Katie Hobbs was twice convicted of being a racist, costing the taxpayers $2.75 million. And I haven’t seen your organization cover that much. We cannot put a racist in the governor’s office. You guys like to call the Conservatives all of these names, neo-Nazi, whatever you call us. The true racist is Katie Hobbs. Twice-convicted!

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Jordan Conradson, formerly TGP’s Arizona correspondent, is currently on assignment in Washington DC. Jordan has played a critical role in exposing fraud and corruption in Arizona's elections and elected officials. His reporting on election crimes in Maricopa County led to the resignation of one election official, and he was later banned from the Maricopa County press room for his courage in pursuit of the truth. TGP and Jordan finally gained access after suing Maricopa County, America's fourth largest county, and winning at the Ninth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals. Conradson looks forward to bringing his aggressive style of journalism to the Swamp.

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