Texas Vaccine Policy Symposium Declares Unvaccinated People a Danger to Public Health (VIDEO)

The Baker Institute at Rice University in Texas held a symposium on Friday on Texas Vaccine Policy.

The 88th Texas Legislative Session will begin in January 2023, and the 2022 Texas Vaccine Policy Symposium gathered together researchers and stakeholders from around the state to examine the effects of vaccines in Texas and the lessons learned over the past two years.

The panelists all argued the benefits of vaccines while ignoring the massive elephant in the room.

The force COVID experimental vaccines killed tens of thousands of people and injured millions.

The panelists did not want to talk about this. They were not interested in the truth.

Valerie Gutmann Koch, co-director of the Health Law & Policy Institute at the University of Houston Law Center, talked about “A New Weapon in the Anti-Vaccine Arsenal: Claiming the Unvaccinated as a Protected Class.”

Koch stated during her speech that those who choose not to get vaccinated pose a danger to society.

“The United States has already seen the reemergence of the polio virus in addition to an outbreak of monkeypox, the latter which has already been declared a federal public health emergency,” Koch said. “Both diseases have safe and effective vaccines that have been proven to control the transmission of these dangerous viruses.”

Obviously, she has no idea what she’s talking about.

We all know that COVID-vaccines won’t stop the transmission of the virus.

During a recent COVID-19 EU hearing, Pfizer’s President of International Developed Markets, Janine Small, admitted that the vaccine had never been tested on its ability to prevent transmission, contrary to what was previously advertised.

With regard to the monkeypox vaccine, an official from the World Health Organization (WHO) admitted that everyone who received the Monkeypox vaccine is considered to be part of a “clinical study” for the purpose of data collecting so that researchers can learn more about the “effectiveness of the vaccine.”

Tim Nguyen, the Unit Head of Global Infectious Hazards Preparedness at the World Health Organization Emergency Programme, said that the vaccine efficacy is yet unknown since it has never been used on this scale before.

“I would like to underline one thing that is very important to WHO. We do have uncertainty around the effectiveness of these vaccines because they haven’t been used in this context and in this scale before,” Tim Nguyen stressed.

So Koch’s claims during the symposium were wrong.

“Mandatory vaccines are, by their nature, an intrusion into individual autonomy and bodily integrity. But the right to individual autonomy is not absolute and may be limited in circumstances where individuals pose a risk to others,” Koch added.

“If the unvaccinated become a protected class, the spread of such diseases is likely to escalate.”

“Efforts to declare the unvaccinated a protected class is just one weapon in an antivaccine advocates arsenal that could severely limit our ability to control highly transmissible and dangerous diseases. Countering these efforts will be a prolonged but necessary process to safeguard the public health.”

Watch the video below:

On the same day, a man interrupted the vaccine symposium to call out the criminal activity of Pfizer.

Audience member: “So Pfizer had the biggest criminal fine in history. So how is it anti-science to not trust them?”

The cameras quickly shifted and you could hear the crowd reacting. When the camera’s switched back the audience member was disappeared, just like a vaccine victim.

Watch the video below:

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