Russia on Nord Stream Sabotage: “EU Will Have to Face the Fact they Have Been Betrayed”

Russian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Maria Zakharova

As the Biden Regime and its media proxies continue to blame Russia for blowing up the Nord Stream Pipeline with no evidence, the EU countries will have to face the truth and admit that they have been betrayed by their US ally, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova wrote on her Telegram channel on Wednesday.

She pointed out Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak had said that Russia was ready to supply gas through the undamaged branch of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, TASS reported.

“Will anyone now dare claim that our country is behind this act of sabotage? I agree it’s hard to face the truth. But someday the EU countries will have to face up to the fact they were betrayed by their allies,” she said.

Russia and Germany must participate in the investigation into the incidents at the Nord Stream pipelines, said Deputy Foreign Minister of Russia Sergey Vershinin Wednesday.

“We are talking about sabotage,” the diplomat said. “An investigation is needed. Certainly, this should be an investigation with Russia’s participation, but it would probably be important to involve Germany in this investigation as well, since gas was actually flowing to Germany in the first place,” Vershinin said.

Denmark and Sweden have announced they will launch an investigation into the suspected sabotage. Germany and the USA have been unusually silent.


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