“That’s a Local Judgment” – Biden When Asked if He Thinks it’s a Mistake For New York to Drop Its Vaccine Mandate (VIDEO)

Joe Biden on Tuesday got his ‘updated’ Covid booster shot from his fake White House set in South Court Auditorium.

Biden said people who don’t get their ‘updated’ boosters will likely die from Covid.

“Almost everyone who will die from COVID this year will not be up to date on their shots,” Biden said.

Reporters shouted questions at Biden as he received his (5th?) Covid shot.

One reporter asked Joe Biden if he thought it was a mistake that New York’s Supreme Court nixed the vaccine mandate for city workers.

New York’s State Supreme Court reinstated all fired unvaccinated employees and ordered backpay on Tuesday.

“Being vaccinated does not prevent an individual from contracting or transmitting Covid-19,” the judge said.

When asked about the ruling from New York’s State Supreme Court, Biden shrugged if off as a “local judgment.”

This is the same tyrant who tried to impose a federal vaccine mandate.

Now Biden says it is a local judgment.


Biden’s OSHA vaccine mandate was previously struck down by the US Supreme Court, however his federal healthcare worker was upheld and still in place.

The Biden Admin will not be enforcing its federal contractor Covid vaccine mandate after a series of losses in federal court.

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