Joe Biden on His Plan to Lower Inflation and Help Struggling Families: “If You Buy an Efficient Coffee Machine You Get a Tax Credit” (VIDEO)

Joe Biden on Saturday delivered remarks on ‘lowering costs for Americans families’ at the East Portland Community Center in Oregon.

Biden arrived to Portland, Oregon on Saturday night after a brief stop in Southern California where he creeped on a young girl.

Joe Biden mumbled through his speech and made bizarre claims.

Biden said his Green New Deal repackaged as the ‘Inflation Reduction Act’ will help middle class families afford to buy energy efficient coffee machines.

Joe Biden said this with a straight face.


Biden also began shouting out of no where at the end of his speech.

“Every time I’d walk out of my grandpop’s house, he’d say, ‘Joey, go out and spread the faith.’ And my grandma would go, ‘No, Joey. No, Joey…” Biden shouted.

*Awkward silence*

“Holler. Holler. Don’t just keep the faith spread it,” he said.


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