Joe Biden in OC: “There’s Not a Single Solitary Biden Man That is as Old, Uh, Younger Than Any Biden Woman” (VIDEO)

Joe Biden on Friday traveled to Orange County, California to deliver remarks on ‘lowering costs for American families’ at Irvine Valley College.

Biden isn’t ‘lowering costs’ for families.

Inflation rates are at 40-year highs because of Joe Biden’s tax-and-spend policies.

Protesters lined the streets to greet Joe Biden.

Joe Biden mumbled through his remarks and at one point brought up his dysfunctional family.

“I married up. I was always one of those guys, my whole life I’ve been surrounded by women who have taken care of me,” Biden said.

He continued, “My younger sister used to be 3 years younger than me, now she’s 23 years younger.”

“There’s not a single solitary Biden man that is as younger than any Biden woman.”


Joe Biden once again claimed, “If Republicans take control, the prices are gonna go up, as will inflation.”


Here is inflation under President Trump vs. Joe Biden:

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