GRAPHIC: Failing Iran Regime Cracks Down on Students, Shoots Protestor in Head!

On Sunday night, October 2, 2022, Iranian security forces brutally suppressed peaceful protests by hundreds of students at the prestigious Sharif University of Technology in Tehran, beating, shooting with pellets, tear gassing, and arresting large numbers of students, according to the Center for Human Rights in Iran.

The crackdown came after 15 days of nationwide protests in Iran following the death in state custody of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini for not wearing her headscarf correctly. Iran Human Rights puts the death toll at 133, with hundreds more arrested.

Iranian forces ready to confront protesters.

Students were arrested and dragged to vans outside the University.

Students were also loaded into ambulances, which the terror regime uses as camouflage for their death squads.

Officers on motorcycles fired randomly into the crowd.

As witnesses filmed armed riot police at the university, one officer turned and fired a paintball gun directly at the witness.

Students attempted to escape the crackdown through the parking garage.

Citizens of Tehran rushed to the university to try and free the protestors.

A video seemed to show security forces kicking and beating a man and then executing him with a gunshot to the head  (Warning: Graphic violence).

30-40 students waere arrested, according to Iran International. In recent days, there have been protests in more than 100 universities, along with classroom boycotts by students, and some professors.

Meanwhile, the Biden admin still wants to release billions of $ to the Islamic Regime over a nuclear deal. “The Biden administration’s latest assessment is that Iran is not on the verge of a regime collapse and will be able to defeat the protesters who have been in the streets for more than two weeks,” writes the NY Sun.

“As long as Joe Biden continues his effort to renew the failed Iran nuclear deal and give the regime billions of dollars in sanctions relief, he’s supporting the regime’s crackdown on the Iranian people,” wrote Rep. Jim Banks on Twitter.

The Biden stooges thus follow the line of the #IranLobby, which seeks appeasement of the terror regime in line with pro-regime agents like the National Iranian American Council (NIAC), the Quincy Institute, the European Council on Foreign Relations, Chatham House and State Department Special Envoy for Iran Robert Malley’s International Crisis Group.

Members of the crumbling regime were said to be sending their families overseas to Canada and Europe.

Mainstream media continue to coddle the terrorists, accuse the protestors of starting the violence, or claim they merely want “reform”.

As civilian casualties continue to mount, even young girls and children are being killed by the Biden regime’s partners.

The women march in Iran.


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