“Freedom From Pharma” – Gateway Pundit Interviews The Wellness Company CEO Foster Coulson

What government and Big Pharma did during COVID was a wake-up call.

In a few short months, we saw the previously unthinkable:

— Biased pro-pharma “science”

— Unjust mandates

— Criminalization of pro-freedom doctors caring for their patients

Most of us didn’t have the tools or resources to fight back — the best we could do was protect our families.

Now, a new company is giving us more tools to fight back.

During COVID, Foster Coulson was on the front lines, working with Dr. Zelenko to create “Z-Stack” and give thousands an alternative to pharmaceuticals.

Now, Mr. Coulson has created the next step in fighting back against Big Pharma: A network of doctors (including Dr. Peter McCullough) and pharmacies to get pro-freedom doctors and patients what they need.

Anyone can join their “Freedom From Pharma” Plan and get:

— a personal doctor of pharmacy

— a “de-prescribing” plan

— coaching and access to a team of specialists

Foster Coulson sat down with Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft to talk about The Wellness Company and its “Freedom From Pharma” plan. Plus, as a sponsor of Gateway Pundit, The Wellness Company will be supporting Gateway Pundit with each subscription.

Watch Jim interview Foster Coulson here (transcript of highlights below):

From the video:

Jim Hoft: How is The Wellness Company going to operate? How does that work for, say I sign up for the products, for the service — How does that work for me?

Foster Coulson: At The Wellness Company, we knew we needed to have almost four separate operating businesses that we would then amalgamate together to create an entity that could create the proper value for our customer. So we started, we knew we had to have virtual healthcare with good doctors. So we have about a hundred doctors now in, in the virtual healthcare company. We have a, a media company, so more focused on being an aggregator of really good, trusted news and podcasts and videos and articles and things like that. And then we have a marketplace that has really good, credible, trusted products. And then we have our pharmacy side of our business where we’re working with a lot of the independent pharmacies to help support them and build that support base for being able to get products to our customers when they need it.

(transcript continued below)

To learn more about The Wellness Company’s “Freedom From Pharma” plan, click here.

Jim Hoft: I know for myself, in the past few years, rather than going to the doctor’s office, you know, you make the call, you talk to the person online, they generally do a fantastic job. And it’s so much easier than standing in lines. You know, one of the things that happened during COVID was the urgent care business, which used to be you could walk right in, I’m in St. Louis, but used to be able to walk right in. They, they’d get to you within a couple minutes and then you’d be on your way. And since COVID, it’s like you, you had to get an appointment and you couldn’t get in that day. You’d have to wait another day. I mean, a lot of things fell apart during COVID. And, so I think, a product, a system like what you’re promoting, it sounds fantastic. I’ll be the first one to sign up. I know that. I mean, it sounds great. And I love all the features you’re discussing.

Foster Coulson: . . .The problem today, Jim, is there, these other online virtual care companies, they’re just vending machines and PEZ dispensers for pharmaceutical companies. That’s all they are. They just focus on getting you drugs quicker and faster. And for them, it’s a race to the bottom because that’s all their focus is . . . Get your drugs, you’re good to go. We’re taking an, an entirely different approach. In fact, we have made the decision, we will not make any money on pharmaceuticals. So we will sell pharmaceuticals at cost, that is not our business. We need to focus on well care and, and we cannot be like everybody else where they make money on your sickness. . . So one of the big things that we’re rolling out, and we’re super excited to, to roll out with partnership with Gateway Pundit is our “Freedom From Pharma” program. We are going to help people “de-prescribed” one person at a time . . . There’s so many people on so many drugs. Your body is owned by big pharma. You’re shackled to them . . . So one of our memberships that we have are “Freedom From Pharma” that we’re rolling out. You get access to talk to a professional that will actually help you build that roadmap to de-prescribe, to be able to take back your health sovereignty, to have that roadmap that you can relearn to live and not be on as many pharmaceuticals as you currently are.

Jim Hoft: Wow, that’s fantastic. So when you say “de-prescribe,” what exactly are you talking about then?

Foster Coulson: So there’s so many people right now that are on 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 different script prescriptions. And a lot of what’s happened is you’re on one and then you have side effects, and then you need another one and another one, and it goes on. So our chief medical board who are made up of amazing doctors who have shown that they put the patient first throughout COVID, Peter McCullough, Heather Gessling, Richard Amerling, we’ve all come together and they’re our chief medical board at the wellness company. And they’ve built a program and a team that they oversee, and we have weekly seminars with them. And, and the constant education on building that building that roadmap so that your care meets at the corner of traditional and modern medicine, because that’s where we have to get to. That’s what our care has to evolve to.

(transcript continued below)

To learn more about The Wellness Company’s “Freedom From Pharma” plan, click here.

Jim Hoft: Oh, I love that. That’s a wonderful concept . . . They get these elderly people on so many medications, but the fact that some of these medications just don’t jive with each other . . . So this sounds like a wonderful idea whose time has come.

Foster Coulson: It is. And and I think what we’ve all seen over the last two years is the censorship. And we’ve seen bullying to try and do things that maybe you don’t want to. And I think we’ve seen the veil lift of just how much influence and power Big Pharma truly has. And now it’s about time to, to talk about how do we emerge out of that? How do we learn from the last two years because everybody’s talked about it. So I think we all know what happened. And now how do we emerge of, in a better way to truly try and help people? Well, trying to help a single person at a time de-prescribe and take that control of their health and wellness. That to us is what feel is worth fighting for. And that’s what we built an infrastructure and a business that’s gonna help a lot of people reduce their drugs that they’re taking.

Jim Hoft: Wow, that’s so incredible. So can I credit you with this idea, or was this someone else’s idea? Because this is brilliant.

Foster Coulson: . . . I surround myself with the smartest people that I can find . . . And when we all get together and, and we have these, these discussions and chats about how do we really create value when we say we wanna revolutionize healthcare, when we say we wanna bring back trust into healthcare, what, we can’t just be a company that says it. We need to actually do it. So we have some really amazing discussions and, and brainstorming sessions and everything we do as a team, everything we do is, is just focused on how do we be better? How can we create more value for our patients?

Jim Hoft: That’s great! And you have a great team from the doctors that you’d listed off. So, congratulations to you. We’re excited to be working with you. And I know that it’s gonna be very successful. This really is an important product that people need in their lives today. And especially as you said, everything was exposed during the pandemic, and now we can put the pieces back together and it looks like you’re doing that. So thank you so much.

Foster Coulson: It takes a team . . . but we want to try and we’re doing our piece and, and we’re going to stand up and we’re going to fight for each and individual person to try and help them live a healthier, happier life. That’s our goal.

To learn more about The Wellness Company’s “Freedom From Pharma” plan, click here.

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