VIDEO Shows Florida High School Student Body-Slamming Police Officer

Video shows a St. Cloud police officer being body slammed by a Florida high school student while a fight was occurring outside St. Cloud High School.  The student involved in the incident has been arrested.

A St. Cloud High School student was arrested on Thursday for allegedly picking up a police officer and slamming him to the ground during a fight, police said.

According to the St. Cloud Police Department, an officer was separating two students from fighting each other, when another student who was not involved in the fight walked up to the officer and grabbed him by the neck.

The student then pulled the officer away from the fight and the officer attempted to control the student “with the least amount of force possible,” police said. The student picked the officer up and slammed him to the ground.

A school administrator, a school resource officer, and other students intervened and were able to gain control of the student until other officers arrived, according to police.


The St. Cloud Police Department issued a statement by Chief of Police Goerke on the attack.

I am aware of the video circulating on social media surround the events that took place at St. Cloud High School yesterday morning involving the arrest of a student for Battery of a Law Enforcement Officer and Resisting an Officer with Violence.  After reviewing all available videos, including Officer Ball’s Body Worn Camera, what I witnessed was extremely disturbing. As Officer Ball was separating two students from fighting each other,  another student, suddenly and without provocation, walked up, dropped his backpack, and grabbed Officer Ball by the neck pulling him away from the initial fight.

Officer Ball then focuses attention on the third student attempting to control him with the least amount of force possible. The student picked up Officer Ball and slammed him to the ground. With the help of a few amazing students and a school administrator, Officer Ball and another School Resource Officer were able to gain control of the student on the ground until other officers arrived to assist them in securing the student.

To be clear, the incident Officer Ball was dealing with did not involve the student that was arrested. Officer Ball was there to prevent two other students from harming each other. What occurred to Officer Ball was despicable and should never have happened. We will never tolerate behavior that targets our officers and will hold those accountable at the highest levels. We have been asked to provide body camera footage and are working to fulfill this request as quickly as possible.

I am so proud of our School Resource Officers. They truly care about our students and show the highest poise & compassion. Officer Ball is epitome of professionalism and has been at St. Cloud High School for the past twelve years. The outpouring of support for Officer Ball on social media has been amazing. We will continue to work closely with our partners at the Osceola County School District to ensure our students’ safety while on campus.


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