Comedian Tells Heartbreaking Story About Why He Confronts Spitting Campus Leftists (VIDEO)

Comedian Alex Stein was spat on by a student at Penn State who was trying to stop an event Stein was attending.

The woman repeatedly flipped Stein the bird and screamed at Stein “I hope you f—ing die!”

The event was Uncensored America and also featured comedian Gavin McInnes.

The New York Post reported:

Shocking video footage caught an enraged woman spitting at right-wing provocateur Alex Stein as he mocked the protests that shut down his show at Penn State University.

The BlazeTV personality caught the vile moment as he mingled with those rallying to stop the Uncensored America event also featuring Gavin McInnes, a co-founder of both the Proud Boys and the Vice media empire.

As Stein walked through the throng of angry protesters, he focused on one woman who aggressively flipped the bird at him while she also repeatedly screamed: “I f—ing hate you! I hope you f—ing die!”

Alex Stein joined Tucker Carlson to discuss the incident and told a heartbreaking story about why he has the courage to confront these angry mobs.

Watch the interview with Tucker Carlson (transcript below):

From the video:

Tucker Carlson: So you get spit at by a woman at a mob on Penn State’s campus — you have to be driven away by police — why can’t the President of Penn State Neeli Bendapudi say that’s wrong?

Alex Stein: Because this is an indoctrination camp from middle school to high school to college, these kids are radicalized to have these leftist ideologies that are not beneficial to society. So, these people actually literally spit and assault us in public and they are defended by their administrators. This is the sad reality of that we live in.

And Tucker — I want to make this point — a lot of people after this protest footage went viral say ‘Alex you’re fearless, don’t you get scared when you go in front of these protesters?’ And I want to say this: today is October 25th — and I don’t want to get emotional — my mother died one year ago today and she died in my arms — from the protocols in the hospital gave her remdesivir without my authority. So, watching my mom die there is nothing scarier than that. So, me seeing a bunch of idiot college students spit on me and yell at me I have no fear and that is what I want to try and express to people out there. She spit on me but the government and the people in power are spitting on us every day and telling us it’s raining. So, all I want to do is try to wake people up to the harsh reality of which we live in.”

Alex Stein has more courage than many of the Republicans in Congress!

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