WHO COULD IT BE? CNN Reportedly Planning to Drop Another High-Level Personality

Rumors are circulating in the media world that CNN is about to give the boot to another high level host.

Brian Stelter was let go over the summer, then John Harwood left the network and Don Lemon was taken out of primetime.

Who could be next?

Red State reports:

Report: Another One at CNN About to Bite the Dust

We’ve seen a lot of upheaval at CNN since CEO Chris Licht came in and it’s been mostly positive, as he is reportedly trying to bring the network back more to the news organization it once used to be; that is, before it became effectively a propaganda arm of the Democratic party.

Jeff Zucker, Brian Stelter, and John Harwood have all gotten the boot. Don Lemon lost his nighttime show and has now been demoted to being a cohost on the morning show with Poppy Harlow and Kaitlan Collins. As we reported, he had a whiny farewell to his nighttime show on Friday.

But now News Cycle Media’s Jon Nicosia is dropping more news that someone else is about to get the ax. Nicosia seems to have good sources at CNN, and his prior information has been on target.

Media journalist Jon Nicosia has been right about this stuff before. See his tweets below:

Who will it be? Some people are predicting Don Lemon.

Others are saying Jim Acosta.

We will know soon enough!

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