ANOTHER BIG FISH STORY: Champion Fishermen Caught Cheating – Fill Fish With Weights to Win Top Prize at Tourney

The fishing world has been rocked by a cheating scandal at a fishing tournament in Ohio on Friday.

Two fishermen were caught cheating at the Lake Erie Walleye Trail Championship in Ohio when it was revealed that their catch,  double the weight of their competitors,  contained lead weights.

The Daily Mail reports:

Two fishermen were caught cheating in a fishing tournament to make their catches seem heavier by stuffing them with weights.

Chase Cominsky from Pennsylvania and Jake Runyon from Ohio were taking part in the Lake Erie Walleye Trail Championship in Cleveland’s Gordon Park in Ohio on Friday when they were caught red-handed.

Cominsky and Runyon’s catch weighed almost 33lbs (15kg) – almost double their closest competitor.

Tournament director Jason Fischer then decided to gut the fish, at which point the duo’s cheating was exposed.

Inside each of the fish were several lead balls, deliberately designed to add pounds to the pair’s catch and thus secure the title and accompanying $5,000 prize money.

‘We got weights in fish!’ Fischer announced to the gathered crowd who quickly turned angry.

Questions are now being raised about other tournaments the pair have won in the past. They have already claimed several first-place prizes and earned a considerable sum of money in various LEWT events including the 2021 championship.

The duo scored the top catch in last year’s Lake Erie Fall Brawl and attempted to claim the $100,000 prize but were disqualified.

Tournament director Jason Fischer gutted the fish.

Once gutted, Fischer removed lead weights from inside the fish.

Upon revealing the weights, the crowd was furious.

Watch the wild scene unfold as the fishermen are caught red-handed.


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