BOOM: Former Staffers And Colleagues Of Charlie Crist Unanimously Endorse Ron DeSantis For Governor

Thirty-nine former staffers and colleagues of Dem Governor Charlie Crist have announced their support for Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

In the letter, they said, “The choice this November could not be more clear: we unanimously endorse Governor Ron DeSantis for re-election.”

Florida Voice News reported:

According to a source familiar with the campaign, Democrat gubernatorial candidate’s former colleagues and staff “unanimously endorse Governor Ron DeSantis for re-election.”

Some of the former staff include those who served under Crist in various of his previous elected positions, including being the Governor of Florida.

Other names include Jeff Kottkamp, the Former Lieutenant Governor, Charles Bronson, the Former Commissioner of Agriculture, and Kenn Pruitt, the Former Florida State Senate President.

The letter reads:

“The undersigned represent former colleagues and staff of Charlie Crist. Together, we have known Charlie in virtually all phases of his career and public life.

We are all well-qualified to endorse in the Florida Governor’s race because we have significant experience in public service to the state of Florida.

The choice this November could not be more clear: we unanimously endorse Governor Ron DeSantis for re-election.

Governor DeSantis has delivered for Florida. He has led our state with courage and conviction. He has demonstrated his ability to lead us through difficult times. We stand with Governor DeSantis because the stakes are too high.

We urge Florida to re-elect Ron DeSantis as Governor”

Here is a copy of the letter:


The people that know Crist best are voting for DeSantis!

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