Biden Falsely Claims He Was a “Full Professor” at UPenn, Then Tells Bizarre Story of How Jill Biden Threatened to Leave Him (VIDEO)

Joe Biden on Friday delivered remarks on his student debt relief program in Dover, Delaware before he takes off for another weekend vacation in Rehoboth Beach.

Biden falsely claimed he was “teaching” before he ran for president in 2020.

Over the years Joe Biden has repeatedly claimed he was a professor at UPenn.

Joe Biden was paid $1 million by UPenn but he never taught a single class.

This is one of Joe Biden’s favorite lies.

Biden also told a bizarre story of how Jill Biden threatened to leave him once.

“True story – when I left the vice presidency after Beau died I wasn’t going to get involved in politics anymore so I became a full professor at the University of Pennsylvania,” Biden said.

He continued, “But before that occurred, three universities came to me and said they wanted to interview me to consider my being a president of the university. My wife who is a professor at a community college – she has two masters and a PhD – she’s smarter than me – and she looked at me and she said, if you do that I’m leaving you.”

“She said it’s one of the toughest jobs in America,” Biden said.

The kids sitting behind Biden look like they are going to die of boredom.


Of course none of this ever happened.

Joe Biden is a legend in his own mind.

Biden was never a “professor” or teacher after serving as Vice President in 2017.

Biden was paid $1 million to do nothing, as the Daily Caller noted:

When the Daily Caller asked whether Biden had in fact taught any courses since being hired, UPenn Vice Provost for Faculty Anita Allen did not list any, saying his work was instead based in Washington.

Biden was paid to give a few speeches (typical career politician/DC grifter) but he never taught a class.

Biden has repeated this lie over and over again and the mainstream media never calls him out for his brazen lies.

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