Woman Screams in Terror as She’s Ambushed by Thugs in Broad Daylight in ‘Safe’ Chicago Neighborhood

Residents of a historically “safe” neighborhood in Chicago were left terrified after a woman was robbed at gunpoint in the middle of the day.

In a video captured by a doorbell camera, the woman could be seen walking down the street. WGN-TV reported that the footage was captured in the Lakeview neighborhood of Chicago on Sunday.

Suddenly, three men jumped out of a car in the street and dragged the woman to the ground as she began screaming. At least one of the men was pointing a gun at her.

“What do you want?” the woman asked repeatedly. She continued to scream in fear as the hooded men appeared to steal things off her person.

After about 20 seconds, the three men ran back to the car and drove away. The woman was still screaming in terror.

According to WGN, the men stole a fanny pack from the woman containing her phone, wallet and keys.

Bill Pollard lives in the neighborhood where the crime occurred, but he and his wife were on vacation at the time. He said he was shocked to receive footage of the alleged armed robbery in a neighborhood text chain.

“Never would’ve expected anything like this on this kind of a block,” Pollard said.

At first, Pollard was unable to determine exactly where the robbery took place. After looking closer, he realized it was just yards from his home.

“It kind of takes a little bit of the shine off of this bubble that you sometimes feel that you live in, right?” Pollard said. “You know, kids play in the park, neighbors walking up and down the street, and now rather than just walking around, you may have to look over your shoulder every now and then.”

Alderman Scott Waguespack said Chicago police have increased efforts to keep Lakeview safe, but they cannot do it alone. He specifically raised issue with the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office and judicial system.

“We can’t just rely on police to do the work,” Waguespack told WMAQ-TV. “It’s a three-legged stool … police, prosecutors and judges. Right now, I think everyone knows we’re on one leg of the stool: police. The other two portions aren’t working.”

Cook County State’s Attorney Kimberly Foxx is one of the most radical prosecutors in the country. In 2020, the Chicago Tribune reported that Foxx’s office had dropped felony cases involving charges of murder.

Overall, Foxx’s office dropped all charges for 29.9 percent of accused felons during her first three years in office, 10.5 percent more than the previous state’s attorney, Anita Alvarez.

Despite her concerning lack of commitment to law and order, Foxx was re-elected in November 2020. That could be thanks in part to some high-rolling donors.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, uber-radical leftist George Soros gave $2 million to a committee supporting Foxx’s re-election campaign in February 2020.

Radical progressives like Soros and Foxx have no interest in upholding the law, and their insane policies continue to lead to unprecedented levels of crime in major cities like Chicago. In June, the New York Post reported major crime in Cook County was up 34 percent year-to-date.

As long as prosecutors refuse to hold criminals accountable, crime will continue to rise. Republicans must fight to keep radical leftists like Foxx from winning any sort of political office in America.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.


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