Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty Sue Election Commission over Illegal Use of Voter Registration Forms

The Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty (WILL) filed a lawsuit against the controversial Wisconsin Elections Commission (WEC) for their alleged illegal use of the National Mail Voter Registration Form.

The form, which can be downloaded in every language in the entire world, can be found on the U.S. Election Assistance Commission government website.

The lawsuit seeks a court determination officially declaring the form to be illegal based on state statute and further order the WEC to withdraw its approval of its use.

Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty Deputy Councel, Anthony LoCoco, said,

Wisconsin law is abundantly clear on the required content of voter registration forms in Wisconsin, yet WEC has somehow approved the use of a form that fails to meet those requirements.  It is a shame that, once again, a voter has to go to court simply to ensure that WEC follows the Legislature’s lawful commands.

Background on the case from WILL:

WEC’s Election Manual states that the Form is approved for voter registration in Wisconsin. While most states accept the Form, made available by the United States Election Assistance Commission, Wisconsin is not required to allow the form to be used in this State; and, the Form does not request information required by state law—such as information relating to residency and criminal record, among others. Additionally, because the Form requests information- relating to race and political party- not authorized by state statute, WEC must engage in rulemaking before approving these additional items. Unfortunately, WEC has both approved the legally insufficient Form and allowed the additional items without engaging in rulemaking.

The lawsuit alleges that WEC failed to comply with statutory requirements relating to required voter registration form content and violated rulemaking requirements by approving the Form without following the appropriate process.  The suit argues that use of the Form hinders uniformity and predictability around the administration of elections, and increases the risk of error.

Read the full complaint here, Braun v. WEC and Exhibit A.

The WEC has come under tremendous scrutiny and criticism for its total failure to provide basic security measures to ensure ballots cast in the 2020 election were legitimate and authentic, and further contributing to a lack of confidence in Wisconsin’s election results.

As we previously reported, a citizen sting operation organized by a patriot activist, Harry Wait, exposed that anyone could obtain a ballot from the WEC’s MyVoteWI.com website in someone else’s name, and have it sent to their own address. Rather than thank Wait for his help identifying such an unfathomable security weakness, the WEC complained to the Wisconsin DOJ, who is now prosecuting the whistleblower for election fraud!

Additionally, Racine County Sheriff Christopher Schmaling announced an investigation which led to the recommendation of criminal charges against 5 out of 6 members of the WEC.

A nursing home voting SCAM!

The Wisconsin Election Commission (WEC) violated state law in a statewide nursing home voting scam. The WEC did not follow the law.

The Wisconsin Election Commission took advantage of impaired seniors. The Racine Sheriffs believe this crime occurred in all 72 counties.

The Racine County Sheriff’s Department believes the WEC committed a Class I Felony and numerous misdemeanors by abusing impaired seniors to get their votes.

And the list goes on and on…

With so many complaints from law enforcement and the suspicious activity going on under the WEC’s authority, it begs the question, if this government entity charged with election oversight is not only incompetent, but complicit in delegitimizing the security of Wisconsin’s and the country’s federal elections.


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