Unhinged Journalist Attacks Governor DeSantis As “Pro-Hurricane”, Then MAGA Responds

Earlier this morning, after Hurricane Ian ravaged the state of Florida overnight, a non-profit journalism collective called Florida Phoenix published an article about Hurricane Ian, claiming that Governor Ron DeSantis was indeed “pro-hurricane”.

Twitter user Red Alligator Politics, or @Floridaner, pointed out the absurd write-up right after the Florida Phoenix deleted their original tweet calling DeSantis “pro-hurricane”, which Twitter has now labeled as “sensitive or graphic content.”


Former spokeswoman for Governor Ron Desantis Christina Pushaw, who was recently hired to handle rapid response for the Governor’s re-election campaign, responded to Red Alligator’s tweet by saying that Team DeSantis’ priority was helping Floridians. 


Former Tampa Bay Times veteran journalist Craig Pittman made some insanely wild claims. One of several excerpts from Pittman’s delusional fever dream.

What causes “rapid intensification”? Warmer-than-usual water in the Gulf of Mexico. The warmer the gulf gets, the stronger the hurricanes.

In other words, climate change. You know — that term that our governor seems afraid to mention.

TGP previously reported on how even the director of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association shut down these very same talking points over 12 hours before Pittman went on his global warming trade.

CNN’s Don Lemon Tries to Blame Hurricane Ian on Global Warming – Gets Schooled by NOAA Hurricane Director (VIDEO)

Pittman went on to claim that Governor DeSantis, who has a degree from Yale, is somehow less competent to govern than the criminal illegal aliens pouring across or unsecured Southern Border. The journalist also complained that DeSantis’ focus on sexually infused drag shows in front of children and pornographic books in the nation’s public schools was somehow grasping more of Governor DeSantis’ focus than preparation, response, and rebuild of Florida in Hurricane Ian’s aftermath.

I’m not talking about the ideological test that points to Miami Beach drag shows as a bigger threat to the state than a wobbly property insurance industry. I mean that, as garbled as his speeches have been, one thing he has been clear about is that he refuses to do any “left-wing stuff” to stop climate change.

“What I’ve found is, people when they start talking about things like global warming, they typically use that as a pretext to do a bunch of left-wing things that they would want to do anyways. We’re not doing any left-wing stuff,” DeSantis told that Oldsmar crowd last year.

Be very careful of people trying to smuggle in their ideology,” he said, as if climate science is some sort of insidious gateway to pot-smoking and mixed bathing. “They say they support our coastline, or they say they support, you know, some, you know, difference, our water, environment. And maybe they do, but they’re also trying to do a lot of other things.”

(You’d think a guy with degrees from Yale and Harvard Law would be able to speak plain English, wouldn’t you? There may be Venezuelan refugees in Texas who speak in clearer sentences than our Ivy League-educated governor.)

Alicia Farrant, a prominent member of Moms for Liberty who is running for Orange County School Board, who appeared at the press conference with Governor DeSantis as he signed into law the “Parental Rights in Education Act”, which currently outlaws pornographic material in Florida public schools had this to say to the GP about Pittman’s article.

This journalist was physically removed from an Orange County Public School Board meeting in October of 2021 for reading aloud segments from one of the many filthy porn books infesting our public schools across the United States.

VIDEO: Journalist Reads Filthy Porn Book from School’s Library at FL School Board Meeting – Board Members Call Police to Have Him Forcefully Removed for Reading Obscene Content Aloud

“While thousands of us here in Florida have just endured a catastrophic hurricane, my thoughts and prayers go out to everyone in the path of the storm. Although there will be much work ahead to restore our communities, Floridians know how to stick together and help each other in times of need. I am thankful for Governor DeSantis who has shown incredible leadership during this hurricane. We can, and will, protect our children in public schools and come together to help each other during times of tragedy. To think we can only do one or the other is shameful,” Farrant told this GP journalist.

Florida based independent journalist Chris Nelson documented down to the number Governor DeSantis’ press conferences, briefings, and strategy sessions in response to the leftwing Twittershpere getting #DeathSantis to trend once again trying to blame the Florida Governor for the acts of Mother Nature.


Nelson also highlighted how America First mega-donor and grocer Alfie Oakes had opened up his main restaurant and store location in the Southwest Florida city fo Naples, Florida to feed those in need. Oakes has been one of DeSantis and President Trump’s biggest supporters in Florida and refused to bend the knee to CDC or Biden administration COVID edicts during the lockdown.


Orange County School Board candidate Alicia Farrant, journalist Chris Nelson, and entrepreneur Alfie Oakes aren’t the only sane minded Floridian’s rising to the occasion in giving Governor DeSantis due credit for his handling of Hurricane Ian.

Carolina Amesty, the Millenial GOP nominee for Florida’s 45th House District, made sure her families Christian school, Central Christian University, opened their newly built auditorium to the Central Florida community according to an appearance on Fox News.

Governor DeSantis’ leadership during this disaster motivated many citizens to take action in helping Floridians effected by Hurricane Ian. This is a great example of the public & private partnerships that exist in these trying times in the Free State of Florida, said in a response via text.

To be fair, leftwing Florida Phoenix journalist Craig Pittman is not the first reporter to openly blame the acts of Mother Nature on people like Trump or DeSantis. Ken Storey, a journalist for the alternative publication Orlando Weekly, claimed Texans “deserved” Hurricane Harvey’s wrath because the state voted for President Donald J. Trump in the 2016 elections.

Florida Publication Employing “Texas Deserved Harvey” Professor

While it is not unusual for progressive climate change fanatics to blame every problem in the world on “global warming,” they have gotten even more aggressive in their assertions since Joe Biden has begun occupying the White House.

Karen Green, the Vice Chair of the Florida Democrat Party, who is running for United States Congress in Florida’s 7th congressional district which was heavily affected by Hurricane Ian, recently claimed that climate change was to blame for both gun violence in America AND illegal immigration.

On September 23rd, Green shared a press release on Twitter where she stated that her Republican opponent (decorated combat veteran Cory Mills), was an extremist, before claiming that the surge of illegal immigrants at the Southern Border were a result of climate change, COVID, lax US gun laws.


Mills responded by calling out her shaky logic on those issues. Green doubled down. It is also important to note that Greene thinks Governor Ron Desantis protecting children from porn and sexualization in public schools is akin to slavery, which this GP journalist exposed last month.

America First Combat Vet Set To Replace J6 Committee Hoaxer In Florida

For anyone, especially a journalist with over 30 years experience covering Florida politics to suggest Governor DeSantis is somehow “pro-hurricane” is disgusting and depraved. Progressives have created a habit of blaming all the ills of the world and their political opponents on climate change. When you don’t agree with them, you are labeled a science denier and literal murderer. Perhaps people like Mr. Pittman should be more focused on their own mental and spiritual health, as no stable person would make such claims or behave in this way.

Floridians are lucky to have such a responsive, prepared, and decisive Governor during this tragedy. And through leading by example, alongside tens of thousands of first responders and linemen, Governor DeSantis has clearly inspired the acts of charity and compassion we are seeing on social media as fellow citizens help one another,” Mills told us on the phone.

While the damage from Hurricane Ian is still being assessed, it’s insane for anyone to claim that Governor DeSantis did not properly get Floridians ready for the storm. Past that, the leftwing’s meltdown over Hurricane Ian demonstrates their willingness to be complete garbage humans to score cheap political points.

Heck, even Florida’s First Lady Casey DeSantis has raised over $1.5m after being tasked with handling the volunteer efforts for Volunteer Florida, it is a family affair of decisive action or the people of Florida.

Florida Phoenix journalist Craig Pittman failed to respond to several requests for comment, claiming he was focused on the hurricane.

The Gateway Pundit continues to monitor the aftermath of Hurricane Ian. 


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