Trident Order #12, Which Disqualified SEALs From Duty For Seeking Vaccine Mandate Religious Exemption, Quietly Canceled By US Navy

“Trident Order #12,” disqualified SEALs seeking religious exemptions from the COVID-19 vaccine.  SEALs seeking the exemption would be barred from training, traveling for deployment and conducting other standard business thus making them un-deployable.

The Gateway Pundit has reported extensively on the negative impact that vaccine mandates have had on the US Military as well as the concerning use of the mandate to “intentionally purge” religious military members.

A recent TGP article detailed the grim details of the vaccine injuries faced by those in the military that were forced to receive it.

In August, Jim Hoft interviewed Lt. John Bowes on the fight against the mandate as well as the impact of the requirement on military readiness.

Lt. Bowes shared, “Yes, absolutely. And let’s dig into that for a second and talk about just pilots I think are a good example of the national security issue that we face. Right now we’re looking at a shortage of about 1900 pilots in the Air Force alone. And in 2017, the Chief of Staff of the Air Force said a shortage of 1500 pilots was a crisis, and we’ve grown that number by 400 now. And so to say that we are in a pilot crisis in terms of retention and manning and then to also discharge these pilots doesn’t seem to work out with our national security goals, especially in a time where intentions with Russia and China are rising almost daily.”

In March, the Biden administration asked the U.S. Supreme Court to reinforce its Covid-19 vaccine mandate to groups of Navy SEALs who remain unvaccinated, dishonestly claiming it “poses intolerable risks to safety and mission success.”

The Pentagon asked the Supreme Court to intervene after  Judge Reed O’Connor granted a temporary injunction to a group of Navy SEALs from taking the Biden COVID vaccine mandate based on their requested religious exemptions.

“Trident Order #12” has now been quietly canceled by the US Navy.

Zero Hedge reports:

The US Navy quietly rolled back Trident Order #12, an order denying religious exemptions for covid vaccinations, a few months after an injunction was issued by the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals in early 2022 as part of an ongoing lawsuit brought by First Liberty Institute.  The suit was initiated on behalf of 35 active-duty SEALS and three reservists seeking exemptions to the mandate due to the possibility of covid vaccines being developed using cells and tissues from aborted fetuses.

This information has only become publicly available after a new filing in the case this week.  Trident Order #12 made any non-compliant SEALS and other troops impossible to deploy and designated them as medically disqualified.  This development runs in tandem with a growing trend among government institutions; they back away from their original draconian mandates but in a manner that reduces media exposure and avoids any admission that the mandates are unconstitutional.

A communication order was circulated by the Navy on May 23 with the subject: “NSWC CLOSEOUT TO TRIDENT ORDER #12 – MANDATORY VACCINATION FOR COVID-19.” NSWC refers to the Naval Special Warfare Command:

“This order rescinds reference A,” it states, referring to “Ref A” as “Trident Order #12 on COVID-19 Vaccinations.”

The May 23 communication order also said Navy commands “will continue to follow guidance, as appropriate, regarding COVID-19 vaccination, accommodation requests, and mitigation measures.”

The decision comes as every branch of the US military struggles to meet 2022 recruiting goals.


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